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  1. lame ... First hit: http://www.google.be/#q=notepad+windows+mobile
  2. I think you should also add a collection of CSC files. I'm always having trouble finding the correct/latest CSC file. Anyone know why Ernst did delete all the links ? Kind Regards.
  3. Disable all samsung software and 90% of all problems on this forum are gone !! as for you, disable the samsung skinned dialer and in the windows dialer 'calls' you see from wich phone the call was. to disable: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Phone\Skin] "Enabled"=dword:00000000
  4. idd, it's more likely a dlink firmware problem. do you have the latest firmware on your dlink ? I will not respond until monday evening. (weekend trip)
  5. the cause is more likely sbp <-> myphone. I don't know if you are familliar with spb software, they rock in memory leaks & bugs. yet it's one of the most popular software for wm. what version of sbp do you have ? and from where did you get it ? legal ? try monitor with windows taskmngr.
  6. I'm a cisco certified network engineer. If you can't surf by ip, but skype still works.. that's odd... seems the http driver or simular (some other layer) is corrupt or not working correclty. did you tried already a hard reset ?
  7. Ow didn't know skype etc still connects .. maybe this is a DNS issue. windows mobile is connected right ? close IE / opera ( check with taskmgr ) and if you surf with IE or opera to google.com you get connection error of something simular ? if you have this error for google.com only if you have an error with http://google.com ! try surfing to or if you do, you should get the site of google. If you get the site of google after going to this IP. this is defenitly a DNS problem.
  8. no , deleting all isn't going to help :-) deleting dlink profile was enough. wich rom are you using now ? at the moment sec. rom is the only safe rom.
  9. As you can see, your wifi access point & agatowa access point have the same channel.. You can compare it with having two radio stations at the same frequency. If you listen to 100Mhz and only one radio station is broadcasting, you will hear music. If both radio stations are broadcasting on 100Mhz, you will hear them both at the same time. in WIFI networks, that's called collision & noise. (for one AccesPoint, the data from the other AccessPoint is noise ) So if you both are using the same channel at the same time.. you both will drop out. So try to set your D-link to another channel ( like 10 or 11 ) BSSID LastChannel --------- ------------- ( D-Link ) 6 ( Spirala ) 1 ( agatowa ) 6 ( Karol ) 7 You are sure there is no MAC filter enabled on your D-link router ? Try changing channel, save Dlink config.. reboot the Dlink router ( power plug out ... in ) and verify with netstumbler the channel has changed. if netstumber says the dlink channel is now 10 you can proceed: delete all wifi profiles who exist on your mobile device & try connecting with the windows wifi client. ( not samsung skinned app ) delete the profiles with windows wifi client, not samsung skinned app. I experienced a lot of issues with the samsung wifi app.(profiles didn't get saved to windows mobile, only in ram of S. wifi app. etc etc ) windows settings -> connections -> wifi -> and click your dlink connection -> next next next .. and wait until it's connected.
  10. also verify adaper settings are set to 'internet' Windows settings -> system -> connecitons -> Wifi -> 2nd Page 'Netowk Adaptors' -> set combobox to 'Internet' instead of Work.
  11. http://www.netstumbler.com/downloads/ try to give a complete output of your access point with that free app.
  12. That command indeed doesn't exist on XP. your parents / girfriend / college maybe can help you out to give an 'netsh wlan show all' output of the access point ?
  13. on your laptop, do you have vista / windows 7? if yes do: (put wifi on ofcourse, and if wifi is connected : ) in cmd-> netsh wlan show all it gives a lot of output. the latest topic in that output are all the wifi networks available in your enviroment. copy past the output of the D Link access point to here.
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