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  1. Hello the Superboot for FRF91 dont work with sLCD Nexus > Black screen :lol:
  2. yes my asus P535 have the sirf3 chip and have no problem with the gps. oldi but goldi :P the registry patches on Omnia2 dosnt work by me sometimes i become a freeze ... i will dry the "GpsModDriver_320.CAB " and i hope the lags with gps go away. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=571266
  3. thx i flashed all files also the csc JE1. But the option xtra-server will not set permanet. when i go back in the xtra menu the option is grey not green. with this registry option the xtra-server is permanet on. here is the Registry trick 1.Q:Can't put on the GPS XTRA be ON? A:XTRA setting can't save data in JD1, so you need to change the value in registry directly. (this lite rom enable XTRA by default) enable XTRA: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\RIL\GPS\XTRA] "Enable"=dword:1 "AutoDownload"=dword:1 "AutoDownloadActiveSync"=dword:1 disable XTRA: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\RIL\GPS\XTRA] "Enable"=dword:0 "AutoDownload"=dword:0 "AutoDownloadActiveSync"=dword:0
  4. ok i have flashes this rom the xtra bug is present, this have all 6.5.3 versions. the xtra-server cant be enabled permanent. gives a reg trick to enable ist permanent ?
  5. THX for FAQ to chance the bluetooth mac adress. after a rom update my mac adress on omnia2 was also FF.FF....... and after this i cant make a internet sharing with bluetooth to my notebook. after chance to a "normal" bluetooth MAC adress now is working fine.
  6. Hello thanks for this tool. but i have a probem with Mobile Navigator7 when it go to landscape, the right side of the display are black. Mobile Navigator dosnt zoom it to landscape. what can i do ?
  7. hello why change the GPS settings on Omnia2 ? Is Baud rate 4800 not good ? i used ROM IJC and the default settings. have somebody test in GPS settings the Xtra , update xtra data and used aktiv SNT-server in this option. Somebody says the connect are better with Xtra.
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