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  1. Grey or black..i couldn't read it so for me it was the same :) In the past i used the samsung comm manager for auto closing the data connection..so i can just instal a old cab file of the comm manager and it will work again?
  2. Found a bug in Sense but i don't know iff the bug is only in this rom or in all sense roms. When adding a e-mail account i press gmail Then your supossed to enter your e-mail adress but then i can't read what im typing because i get a black bar en the letters are black also. Second problem i now having, is he auto close option for the data connection. With other roms i could auto close the data connection after 2 minutes of not sending or recieving data. Now this option is gone with the new comm manager in this rom. Is there a way around for this?
  3. Thanks..btw the password isn't yet in the main post..i guess the password is the same as posted before in a other thread?
  4. As i can see there is opera 10 in it :) Is this build also with FLASH support?
  5. Can someone please make a mirror...megaupload is verry slow and sometimes they just stop the download in the middle.
  6. What version of flash are supported by this browser?
  7. Hello, Does somebody already know a good World Cup 2010 (shedule) program. For Android there are a lot, but for the WM there's non a this moment.
  8. Why isn't it working normally like mine without any regedit or other programs. I just select other GPS in TomTom and select com7. Wait for a few minutes and it works like a charm. Sometimes it won't get a signal..than i just reboot my B7610 and startup TomTom again..works always!!! Using TomTom 7.910.9185 VGA BLACK
  9. These settings and programs worked in the Netherlands. Thanks!
  10. Can't wait for testing your rom. Windows 6.5.5 is nice but having some problems with my own programs. If you want to have beta testers...i can help u...just sent me the link and i will review my findings.
  11. WM6.5.3 in a lite version...yes finally Hopefully it's without fixes and just a perfect version. Than we finally can enjoy our device as supposed to be.
  12. OK..tried your kitchen but in windows 7 i get a lot of errors when extracting the rom. It gives me errors in windows..so i think that i have to make a boot of windows xp to make this work. Witch windows are you using?
  13. Your doing a great job..tcpmp is really needed over here..so good job!
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