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  1. Ronald, you are the best! Thank you so much for this! Keep up the good work!
  2. I use the application TouchTwit, this is (in my opinion) the best Twitter Application. But it DOES cost money! (Or if you know your way to work around that the illegal way, try it ;))
  3. RethXoth

    B7610 ROM dumped

    How do you convert .MLI to .eb0?
  4. RethXoth

    Update available

    READ THIS! People who have this phone with a brand (like: Vodafone) cannot upgrade! This is due to the fact that Samsung has used a straight-copy from Microsoft itself. If you have Vodafone like me, it would give big trouble updating it like that, it wouldn't have the right information to connect to Vodafone Live etc. So we'll have to wait until Vodafone releases something. (I'm from The Netherlands)
  5. RethXoth

    Update available

    Why isn't it finding the update for me? Is it because I have Secany's Rom installed? Anyone who upgraded with Secany's ROM installed?
  6. Hey guys, Well I have a B7610 but the difference shouldn't matter, and this corner is more active than the B7610 one :D - Whenever I disconnect my phone from the computer (ActiveSync mode) my computer freezes for like 2 minutes long, like EVERYTHING freezes. How come this is happening? I don't understand! Anyone else have this issue? -
  7. RethXoth

    Update available

    Nope, but I managed to flash my mobile and 6.5 rocks! Why don't people try this? If you have any problems with this me and ErnstjanF will help :)
  8. RethXoth

    Update available

    Send you a PM
  9. RethXoth

    [Solved] Network gone..

    If you have Vodafone the whole network is down, same problem :)
  10. RethXoth

    secany's B7610 WM6.5 ROMs

    Didn't work, not sure what I'm doing wrong?
  11. RethXoth

    secany's B7610 WM6.5 ROMs

    Okay I'm having a problem flashing my phone. I installed the Windows XP X64 drivers to my Samsung MITs, now OCTANS detects it as Windows XP (I also ran it in Windows XP SP 3 compatiblity mode) but it gets stuck on the following message: [setup] Windows XP [setup] Download Ram Size :41777920 bytes,(39 MB) That is all I get! How is this possible? Phone is running in ActiveSync mode.
  12. RethXoth

    secany's B7610 WM6.5 ROMs

    Can't download the 6.5 ROM :P No free slots. Original poster can you upload it on Megaupload please? :D

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