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  1. Has anyone got this to work on any AT&T branded phone? I have a Galaxy S II I777 with a custom ROM and NFC is working for other applications like NXP Tag Writer, NXP Tag Info - but I can't get Wallet to work despite having moved it to /system/app and setting the permissions. As AT&T have their own NFC payment service, ISIS, I suspect that they are not only blocking Google Wallet traffic on their network, but also have a different key to access the Secure Element in any AT&T branded NFC capable phone. Is there anyone out there with an AT&T Branded One X that has gotten Google Wallet working yet?
  2. First off, it is too be expected that if you are using the screen constantly and at high contrast you will have rapid battery drain, but I find your case to be a bit extreme. I've been using my One X for close to a week now and I am really impressed at how little power is used while in standby. The Tegra 3 does a great job at intelligently managing consumption while not in use; I've forgotten to charge it over night and been pleasantly surprised to still have power left in the morning when I wake up. There are things that you can do to improve battery life even while using the screen. Naturally, the very obvious things of disabling GPS, Bluetooth and NFC when not actively using those services. I always try to connect to WiFi instead of HSDPA for data connection as that gives me close to 20% more battery life. I've been pleasantly surprised with the Smart Sync feature of Sense 4.0 that polls for mail messages less frequently. Reducing contrast is another good way to squeeze a bit more power out. Consider using an app like Screebl that will let you set your screen timeout to 15 seconds, but prevent it from sleeping while being used. Also, consider disabling the haptic feedback for keypress while you type. In general I am very impressed with the HTC One X - not just for the hardware, but Sense 4.0 really reminds me why I love HTC.
  3. Waiting for my new HTC One X to arrive! I feel like Santa is coming in April this year.

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