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  1. In addition to your link. Here's a little tutorial I found. I do not know much in Linux, so if it helps. Link
  2. Hi! Erikcas I installed Froyo with your method. It is true that the installation is much more simple.cela avoids multiple reboot. But, I still have error messages. I think I'll wait for a more stable version of Android for our B7610 Thanks all the same to show us your method.
  3. Hi Erikcas I also meet concerns of instability. Can you give links to files and software you use and describe the changes you've made​​? I do not know. This may have been already written on other posts but I saw nothing. Thank you. Sorry for my English> GoogleTranslate.
  4. Hello! Have you noticed this new smartphone, the GALAXY 551 appears to be a copy of our B7610 but running Android. There may be ideas to get this unit to be able to function properly we B7610 Android. Here is the link. Good luck to the development geniuses! Thank you.
  5. hI! I am a problem. I can't add favorites contacts. Sense restart automatically. Sorry for my English.
  6. Super! Enfin une ROM custom en Fr. Tu devrais la diffuser largement. Pour ma part, je n'aime pas le logiciel sms de samsung mais sinon. C'est du bon boulot. Bravo.
  7. What is your problem? You will find on the forum tutorial to guide you.
  8. Thanks!!! I was looking for a while an application like this one. I do not know if it really useful, but good.
  9. Thank you for the rom V2!!! Idea for V3 : - Update Opera (10 béta 3) - Update WLM (10.7) - Update Office 2010 - Port SYS & XIP WM6.5.5 - Removed Streaming Player - Removed File Manager Samsung - Removed RSS Reader - Removed Podcast - Removed Digital Frame - Removed Unit Convert - Insert PimBackup - Insert SDKCerts - Insert SDK 2.2 Here's a small idea of my perfect ROM. Although it is yet one that suits me better. Particularly through the writing SMS messages with Outlook. I hope this will help ronald-McDrive. I also saw that you have created a variant of the ROM in Dutch, is it possible to do the same for French, please? Thanks!!!
  10. Is it possible to develop the same application for the B7610. Thanks!!!!!
  11. Too bad you've left the SMS software from Samsung. Otherwise, bravo for the first ROM WM6.5.5 I see. Sorry for English, I use google translation
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