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  1. I paid £1.50 from a seller on Ebay for my Three UK mobile..... Item number: 180861769300 Delete if you think its spam...... Just spreading the word as its definitely dirt cheap! Going to wait for a bit more progress before I mess around with the boot loader etc, still got 2 weeks on current contract to end so not a big deal to wait.
  2. Ask the guy in the thread directly, you know he has both....
  3. Its just gone up by £10 to £160 but I think it will go back down again..... Shame I missed out on the voucher due to some idiot seller... Just posted the advent vega back to him and getting a refund......
  4. Screen looks better on this than the advent vega, shown in the pics on this thread: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/hannspree-hannspad-tablet-touch-led-10-1-android-2-2-149-99-ebuyerexpress-ebay/980693/?page=14#post11833584
  5. I noticed this yesterday on stock firmware with the tablet I just got, although need to send it back due to another reason. Anyway battery was on about 55% and after switching it back on at home it definitely read 22%..... Is it best not to switch it off then and just in standby mode? Has that power actually been lost or will the tablet remain on at 0%?
  6. Thanks goose, those are the ones I was eyeing up but not many good reviews that I can see specifcally for the advent vega. Have emailed a guy who bought one and left feedback for the advent vega anti-reflective screen protector for his opinion on it, noticed the comment about having to use a hole punch for the camera hole.
  7. Hey guys, wondering what screen protector out of the few you recommend? i think the screen is waaaay to reflective and kind of hurts my eyes trying to view it, am not even outdoors with full brightness on. Thanks.
  8. Have you tried the cheaper faux ones off the bay? £11ish? empted to try that with the stand built in....
  9. Well I will be as I just bought a Vega Tablet :D Might stick with the Corvus one for the moment as I hear things maybe moving in the background for VegaComb by previous posts.... Exciting.
  10. Code doesn't work for anyone so beware.... Luckily someone was selling 8 refurbished Advent Vegas and I bought one of them for £146 with the voucher. Thought the extra was better for the cameras and more support.... Happy so far but lets see when I get it.
  11. Hey, not kept up with progress but am wondering if there is a workaround to get the camera working in vegacomb? (Last time I heard it wasn't working but not sure now). Thanks.
  12. Stanstead airport was out of stock last week, just fyi
  13. Dixons.co.uk have them in stock again, 3% cashback via quidco. Tempted to get one for my dad.
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