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  1. An update to my case: I tried to replace my phone in warranty, but my carrier denied it, claiming that this fault does not affect the usability. So I just sent them back the whole package for refund - which is possible in our country when buying online, without question, for 8 days - and bought another one. This one seems to be perfect so far.
  2. Hi! I just got my One X. Can other owners check please, if you can see an extra little pixel of the notification light when it's on (like charging) between the screen and the body when looking at it at about vertical angle? Almost like there's another smaller led below the normal one, near the screen. I find it somewhat annoying. Of course it's not visible when the led light is off. I made a photo of the issue: Also have the common problem that when pressing on the outer side edge of the glass, there are some ripples on the side of the screen. But this won't occur under normal use, so I'm not worried about it.
  3. bounty123

    Bluetooth Voice Control?

    Thanks! I just bought the app and it works like a charm.
  4. bounty123

    Bluetooth Voice Control?

    Hi All! I just bought a BlueAnt Q2 bt headset, which is capable of voice dialing on android phones from android 2.2+. But it says that this feature is not supported on my phone. Is this brand new device with 2.3 android really not capable of voice dialing? That would make me a sad panda :unsure:
  5. bounty123

    Question about removing Screen Protector on Pulse

    No, there is just one, but that is exactly one more then there should be. It is the first and most important thing to get rid of it. I use my phone for 1 year now without protector, it hasn't got any scratches but is much more responsive.
  6. bounty123

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    I never heard of such a need in case of lithium batteries. On the contrary, you can only harm them by letting them fully drain - but the electronics prevent this. You can safely charge them from any level, does not matter for the life of the battery. I have a sony Ericsson P800, more then 5 years old and its battery is still working :P
  7. bounty123

    Angry Birds on Pulse

    The background and building is white, but the game is still very playable, one of the best games for the Pulse! Besides Air Control and Abduction i like it the most.
  8. bounty123

    Handcent help please

    It must be some conflict between the blade and handcent then, or some other software. Because my Pulse is still at 95% after 1 days standby with some minor phone and sms usage. So normally handcent is very far from battery drainer. Designed for teens, that must be a joke. It's very customizable and much better designed (like the iphone messaging) that the original app.
  9. bounty123

    Handcent help please

    That can not be true, at least on Pulse. My battery lasts for ages and i'm using handcent sms all the time, also it's notification feature. It's miles ahead of the standard messaging app. You can't beat the popup notify function for example.
  10. bounty123

    Battery Life Froyo vs Eclair

    I'm using v1.7 and battery usage seems to be very good, just as it always was. In standby it almost doesn't use any power. Most of the time drainage is caused by some nasty widgets or services running in the background, not the rom version. Note that I just use on demand wifi. 3g and bluetooth, gps is turned off usually, I use 2G only setting. Also I don't use any fancy weather widgets, I check it on my home and work computers, when I'm out with the phone i can usually see the weather :)
  11. bounty123

    There goes my SD card

    I bought my SD with 10 years warranty. There is no 'no swap' condition in it - so I make backups and use swap bravely :)
  12. I think google talk is needed for market. At least I'm sure that before there was a bug with the Pulse, that i had to manually start google talk to be able to start market downloads.
  13. bounty123

    [ROM] FLB-Mod 1 (Based on Android 2.1)

    Well only change it if you are not satisfied with it I guess. 128 is not recommended in the ultimate pulse guide for class2, but it still might work for you. Afaik the class rating means the minimum speed capability anyway, the card might be faster (would still be silly not to sell it at higher rating then). Also make sure to move dalvik back only if you don't run out of space because of it.
  14. bounty123

    [ROM] FLB-Mod 1 (Based on Android 2.1)

    With a class2 card you should definitely try moving at least dalvik back to the phone. I have a class4 card, and have plenty of space on the phone to keep the dalvik cache there. The system is very fast and stable for me this way, with 64MB swap partition. I recommend you to buy a class4 card, it's a good price/value choice. My SanDisk class4 works very fast and reliable, haven't had any problems during the 1 year use. Ofc. go for a class6 if you have the spare bucks :) For the Pulse I find a fast SD card is especially important, because swap and a2sd are a must for it, with the small memory.
  15. bounty123

    [ROM] FLB-Mod 1 (Based on Android 2.1)

    thanks, that's useful info

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