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  1. OK, this is a good version. But: the pictures on the screen are very small. How can I change the pictures into 3 rows in stead of 4? Then, can you made perhaps this version with a Dutch Base language? Now, I can only change the Manila language (Manila looks Dutch), but when I then go, for example, to 'samsung settings', it still English...... Now, I have 50% Dutch and 50% English!!!!
  2. OK GREAT JOB!!!!! I HAVE TRY 5 DIFFERENT HTC SENCE 2.5 THEMES / ROMS, THIS IS THE BEST!!!! But can you tell me when you release a multilanguage ROM, I need the DUTCH version....!
  3. I have use a Dutch lite rom, and now have I enough memory free to install the Sence 2.5 theme. It works perfectly. This things didn't good working: - I have installed the comm manager. And I see only 'Mobiel Wi-Fi Router' (and 'Not connected), the white borders are empty. I see only the the pictures (airmodel 3G WiFi. Blutetooth, Internet etc) left, and right the green or red icons. No text....! -When I open the keypad for dial a number, the big button centered at the bottom at my screen didn't show text. And when I give up a dial-number and I dial a number, or there is an incoming call, the green and red buttons didn't display text. -Default, the sence 2.5 show the text into the Dutch language, only the 'comm manager' show English text. When I press on a button (I can't see the text, but only the button), the text on the following screen are also Duch. Why the one part of Sence 2.5 Duch, and the other part English? Can everyone help me? I use a Samsung I8000.
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    Sorry, I place here text, I moved this to the good place!!
  5. mgrandia

    secany's B7610 WM6.5 ROMs

    You can buy at www.ebay.com Rapidshare-premium accounts for 24Hours, for $2...... I have downloaded this WM65 rom with this premium-account, and it works like a charm.....

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