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  1. yeah.... i know this is extremely delayed. but I installed a 'different' version of WMwifirouter and wifi disappeared altogether from my phone... at least by changing those reg keys I have a decent place to start, which did bring back my wifi in my settings... it's a start, and it's much better than flashing my phone... again.... it's been way too long since I've cooked anything and I'd prefer to keep it that way so thanks again!
  2. The only thing you could do is do an official update through verizon/samsung called the DG21 update (if you haven't done so already). As far as your purchased hotspot app, uninstall, and then reinstall, then soft reset your phone... sometimes it helps to remove the battery for about 10 seconds but it just depends on the situation...
  3. I like XLightwaver's ooberlite ROM. It can be customized to the max! TONS of free RAM, ROM, and a custom 'main menu' called x menu to replace the start menu. Takes little time to set up and it's awesome!
  4. Not any new keyboards modaco would let me post..... try XDA or search for some Omnia specific forums
  5. Search around here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\CONTROL PANEL\NOTIFICATIONS <- here you can change the settings for: Default, Phone, Reminders, Shell Overrides, Sounds, and some random settings (alarm, etc) If you change anything, please make sure you save/back up/ remember what the original setting was so you do NOT mess up your phone. Even though this isn't anything major in registry... You always have to be cautious. And if you have any more questions, feel free to PM me because I'm not on here enough to remember to check this post.
  6. This ROM is the ONLY ROM I have ran since its release. I love it! I'm a chef that came over from the i910 (omnia 1) but had issues building for i920. and talking with 'X' he built this ROM to my liking and request. PLENTY of free RAM, ROM, options. I am running spb ms 3.5, iphone today 1.5.4, Host 1.5, Titanium, (not all at once, I alternate) the only thing i haven't tried with this is Sense, but that's because i dont like it. On spb shell, i have the Win7 skin from MSkip and it's still fine! I have a few other tweaks I do on my own but nothing that would help you majorly, just my personal preference. My recommendation would be to go through samsung settings and disable anything samsung that you can. example: service LED, lock screen (which isnt installed on this ROM), large indicator, definitely disable TouchWiz UI. In turn, you'll have a lot of freed up RAM by saving processes on your phone, every process soaks up RAM slowing it down... A fresh flash to this ROM, and disabling what I said, should give you 112mb ROM free (easily) after soft reset. BEWARE though, because 'X' removed the start menu, so press the OK button to access the main X menu. by removing the start menu, it helps open up some options. I don't miss it, especially with different UI's I hope this helps -Nick
  7. They have their own status update icons... Do you even have SPB installed? this is an obvious answer if you'd look into it yourself. SPB even offers a demo for 30 days for you to see if you like it. there aren't full-on apps as to where it updates you like text/phone/email notifications or anything, but that's what windows live is for. Get it for Windows 7 PC and your phone for the best results.
  8. @AMDZero, upload your version of OCTANS for flashing, to make it simpler. Easier UI definitely! @blazeboy79, be sure to disable your connections in Mobile Device Center whether it be USB or bluetooth. AND when you're first trying to flash, ensure the phone is fully off before connecting to OCTANS/AMD's flasher app. When flashing, be sure the ROM is loaded, the proper settings are checked, and it's in detect mode waiting for connection. Of course, be sure this is after you check your samsung drivers like AMD said.
  9. This new one has G-Sensor... just took a bit to locate the proper file/folder. I recently swapped XP Pro for 7 Pro and relocating files didn't work so well.... but this should be what you need
  10. hmm... I guess I'm not sure, because I didn't keep my i920 stock but for maybe a week. I modded it immediately, haha! WMP works fine for me now though, and uses about 5-8mb RAM when playing a movie. not sure how it could have used 50-60mb RAM. If I remember correctly they only had 142MB RAM total, and only 60-70mb free after a soft-reset and little apps installed. We still have the stock i920's for my old job (not even updated DG21 firmware because they're stupid) Maybe I'll take a look at those.
  11. nickmo20

    Peace y'all

    I CARE Sandman.... I care. It's cool man, gonna happen eventually! Good luck, and I'll ttyl
  12. The difference is how you get to the application. It's something with the shortcut extension, right? correct me if i'm wrong. You're just using another application to open it.
  13. The way this ROM is built is for you to use your own apps, instead of all the lame apps loaded by samsung and verizon. the easiest way to fix this is by installing something else. For example: Windows Media will play something if I open it through WMP. But I use Resco Photo Manager Pro for pictures taken, as well as to edit, or browse my device. OR try to find a free app through marketplace... See, at Modaco, I can't necessarily post a link to a lesser legal site because it's not allowed, but there are sites to find apps for free, that aren't normally otherwise.....
  14. Let's say someone was able to make it English. It'd still not work with our phones because it's based on GSM tech. instead of CDMA

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