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  1. It seems people are still interested in the Omnia 2. I gave up on it a few months ago. If anyone wants mine and lives in Montreal, let me know...it's all yours. Don't live in Montreal, it's yours for the shipping.
  2. It was a good run, but it's time for me to give up on my Omnia 2. I live in Montreal, so if anyone locally wants it, let me know...it's yours cheap( $0.01) :)
  3. So it is not done with the calibration?

  4. Same problem here :( In Winmo, calibration is perfect, but in Android, bottom 1/4 of screen is way off(when I touch anywhere near bottom, it selects whatever is 1/4 of the way up). There must be a way to solve this
  5. Thanks for the reply voyteckst. I tried the command su chmod a+rw /data/etc/pointercal Nothing changed. Still not calibrated :(
  6. I too am excited about this upadate:) I just wish there was a solution for the screen calibration. My screen works well in WM, but in Android, the bottom 1/4-1/8 of the screen is inaccessable(mostly the left side). It makes Android virtually unusable:( I notices others on this forum have same/similar issue.
  7. Are the two apps above simulators or are they supposed to actually do something?
  8. I have a similar problem ,except my calibration is way off from 3/4 down. I have posted about it in http://www.modaco.com/topic/340567-calibrator-tool-for-beta2-on-o2/ I tried calibrator and jet calibrator, but both do nothing. In Winmo the screen is fine so I don't think its a hardware issue. It's fustrating trying to use android with the screen so off(almost unusable). Hope an answer is found soon.
  9. Voyteckst, is there a reason my screen is so badly calibrated in android, and seems to work fine in Winmo? When I run calibrate tool, I notice as I move my finger from top of screen to bottom that the red dot follows my finger untill I get near the bottom(about 3/4 down), then the red dot falls behind, so when I reach the bottom the dot is about 8mm from the bottom. This makes my i8000 almost unusable with android. Is this a hardware problem or driver issue? How can I fix this? Thanks in advance TRoN Edit: I found these values in data/etc/pointercal: 20348 -207 -26813464 369 -26067 78543672 65536 Have no clue what they mean.
  10. In Winmo, my screen works well, but in android, forget about it. There must be a way to calibrate the screen properly. Thanks in advance. TRoN
  11. Is there a calibrator tool that actually calibrates, and not just tell you to point at some dots on your screen and nothing happens.
  12. I dont see what Panasonic sd formatter will do since the 512MB partition is gone(I deleted it when along with all partitions on MyStorage). I think 0p2 works because I dont have external sd card. If I connect external sd card then maybe I will need to change to 1p2. Just checked, when I insert external sd card, I have to change from 0p2 to 1p2 in strartup.txt to avoid PSOD.
  13. This new calibrator runs, but it does absolutely nothing to calibrate the screen. After several attempts, my bottom left corner is still way off.
  14. I made both partitions primary with gparted(6.6GB fat32 then 1010MB ext4), mmcblk0p2 in startup.txt(I dont have external sd card) and finally android booted up. Maybe the fact that ext4 partition was less than 1024MB helped with the PSOD problem. How important is that 512MB hidden partition(mine is gone now), and can we get/restore it back?
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