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  1. hey paul,when did u plain to release the pre-bake version?
  2. Any suggestion ? maybe there is a better kernel to try than others....
  3. NiTroZiK

    Baseband 725 - 9 AUG, FLS files for SmartFlash

    is it possible flash a baseband from recovery? my usb port is damaged and smartflash doesn't work...
  4. there is a way for flash baseband without using usb port? like from recovery.... i have problem with that port ,and i can't no more connect my device to my pc..... any idea?
  5. Sorry Paul,just tryed with latest cm7 #81 and work all good , battery life is Fantastic...best modem ever tryed until now.
  6. don't know why but my 3g doesn't work and also i can't select any network operator...
  7. Why i can't restore app with Titanium? if i try i have reboots any idea?
  8. NiTroZiK

    MCR for i9023 variant of Nexus S

    work well with a different kernel....(honity from XDA)
  9. i have EPF30..what i can use?
  10. NiTroZiK

    MCR r21 Archive

    Noob question:What is Trackball Wake? also,with this rom works the notification led?
  11. NiTroZiK

    MCR r21 Archive

    Is it impossible add proxy support like cyanogen mod?

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