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  1. I disagree with the Battery Life, I feel as though this thing runs the battery down way too quick. However I just got the extended battery from samsung its a 2400 mah and it only adds less then a quarter inch to the back... A must have for the I920
  2. Anybody got a working kitchen yet, I've never creating a rom, but I thinking the O2 might become my first, I have programed in other languages, so let me know if we start getting some action
  3. Maybe a talented programmer can create a few cabs like these http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t...ight=SYStem+RAM It seems this SSK TP2 Dynamic rescource proxy cab does free up some ram, however the start menu button quits working 86.85 mb in use 53.84 free, maybe someone can try to port it.
  4. i It seems that the US Verizon I920 omnia 2 is also having this memory "leak" issues, I noticed it today when a program would not start, somehow with touchwiz disables, today disabed and runing mobile shell, Im using 102.41 mb with only 38.28 free, I don't think I like this...
  5. thats just like throttle launcher, it has issues with crashes and bugs as well,
  6. I think the 2 get a lock hella faster then the one, new phone out of the box 30 sec, omnia 1 a minute maybe two
  7. WMWifiRouter, one of yours I believe, best 19 euros I ever spent
  8. Alright I got the problem licked, settings - phone settings - data connections, change it to "use phone as a modem" connection via: USB Now I got the internet to work this way, however I'm not sure if VZW is going to know that I'm using WIFI Router and streaming the data to a laptop? And is going to charge me a tethering fee, or it is just a setting, anyone know?
  9. Heres another problem, I cant get wifi router to broadcast internet in either of the three ways, USA, Bluetooth, or wifi. I can connect to the ad hoc but there is no internet connection available, same with the Bluetooth.
  10. The level works, the compass works, but the flash does not work on the omnia I920
  11. I still can't find a touch button that will work with the Verizon Omnia 2 i920, I've looked through the fourm and tryed the others, SSBubble levels and compass works no light, and a few others on here don't work. none will turn on the LED like Torch did on the omnia 1, anyone have one that works? How about Tell Me for the omnia 2, I also had it working on my 1 and it was a killer app as well
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