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  1. After Flashing secany's B7610 WM6.5 ROMs and he will make the first start the display calibration repeated each time. i calibrate it and then the calibration starts again. I dont know what i can do because the startup hangs after a reset everytime on the display calibration ... with the ROM Daskalos 6.5.5 ROM build 23569 German i had not the problem with startup but if i would calibrate my display und option menü it would be the same. -> calibration repeated each time . So i flashed my Phone withe the old and good secany's B7610 WM6.5 ROM but now i have the startup calibration Problem. has anyone an idea please help me I can not use my mobile and this sucks :lol: :D :D :) :) :)
  2. r4st4

    *NEW* Mobile Browser

    Amazing ..... this Browser iss very fast .. thanks man for this info....
  3. i have the same problem xtract either the texts became white ! i dont know why because the newest drivers are installed !
  4. Hi RethXoth, You must put your Phone OFF. Now Octans detect your Phone and you can flash your Phone with the new ROM :)

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