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  1. Just confirming that Ock's fix for radio is working, thanks to the chef for the help and with that I think I´m ready to leave MODACO for a while now :P some time ago I decided to stop spending so much time flashing ROMS to start enjoying the ones I really like and that was the case with and earlier ROM from Pdhee I was testing but after some hard testing and long time customizing it to my needs I think I´m ready to fully enjoy Neo Le Diable all thanks to this two Krazy guys from the much acclaimed JN Foundation :huh: . this ROM is perfect for me, in fact I think is the coolest and better looking rom I have ever use so a very big thank you to the chefs again. nothing more to say so here are some screen shots for those who still are not sure is flash or no this beauties... (I did dl sense rosso as I´ve never use t. sense before but it will have to wait now...)
  2. I agree with that quote in the sense that omnias where design to use 6.1 and that´s for sure and there is no argument with that but who ever tells me that his experience with default stock rom running 6.1 is/was better than with the worst (let´s not say worst as all work by chef is to be value) but let´s say even the earlier attempts of 6.5 is better I think that person would be lying or he will be just a very basic user who does not takes advantages of all the potential the phone has (someone that might just use it as a regular phone). In my personal experience and in the way I use my phone and even though I do think 6.1 feels a little bit faster I find 6.5 more easy to use, as stable as 6.1 and giving me a much more pleasant experience overall to use my phone. That it runs better on and HTC device, for sure... that in runs crap on omnia :huh: well.. with all due respect to the guy you were quoting but maybe his omnia is crap because mine runs PERFECT on many 6.5 ROMS I have tried :P Now if you want to use spb shell, load a theme on it, play games, use GPS, listen music and browse the web at the same time I would agree for sure that it would perform better on an 6.1 ROM (not that it wont work on 6.5 because I´ve done that with com2 UL versions) but if you learn to use and run what 6.5 is capable of running with no trouble on our OLD Omnias (let´s not forget that) you can be very happy with your phone until is time to get your next one.
  3. thanks sb, the easiest way for me would be just to change the path to open opera mini instead of IE on first shortcut on plugin as I like very much the design the ROM has so I would like just to change that setting, I really don´t care that the other favorite shortcuts open the web pages with IE. any ideas where to find that path?
  4. how about this wallpaper for future Le Diable versions.... :P this ROM is getting meaner every minute :huh:
  5. I just cant get over the memory discussion, can´t someone tell which apps/programs/things you can do with 6.1 that I cannot using Le Diable for example. This is a marvelous rom running 6.5 by the JN Foundation and I have installed over 15 applications (the ROM is fully pack also) and I have never encounter any memory problems. I mean how much multitasking do you guys do on a day to day basis with your phones because when I use garmin gps it means I´m driving so no need to do anything else with the phone well maybe using shazam to get some music IDs but I can do that just fine, then in the mornings when I use GPSrun I can use S2P player with not problem and exercise, then I can check emails browse the web (newspapers, modaco) with no problem so what applications are you using that demand so much memory and that you need to use at the same time :huh: I´ve been using this ROM for 2 days now and I only soft reset when changing icons and that´s it. M2Dv2 restarts? surely you had bad luck with the roms you tried because that is long gone in the past 10 roms I´ve tested with M2Dv2 or it can be related to a program you regularly install on your phone :P
  6. jaja... never knew lupus but on every thread his post people asks him the same :huh: :P
  7. ollnie why not take the clock panel away with JN cHome editor for a while to see if you like it, if you don´t like the clock skin is ok because once you set up your alarms you don´t need it any more really and we always have a clock on top bar anyway, I think I´m doing it for a while not because I don´t like it but to save some scrolling movements (I´m using Le Diable) Finding out there is no need to soft reset to get full screen weather again, just update weather again and it´s there, I love that option to turn on and off is just f perfect !!! Again guys just asking, does anyone knows how to link opera/opera mini to internet plugin on neo?
  8. I got a thicker scroll bar all of the sudden :blink: on emails, and also S2U2 clock change itself from D to H clock (or the other way around) really beautiful clock skin too but it change itself and also after moving to tools folder a couple .ink files in start/programs (psShutXP and Display Switch) they reappear again with ugly default icon back in start/programs list :huh: nothing big as I just erased them and that was it but i thought is was strange.... I think I need to exorcise this Diablo before he gets me :P
  9. on second thought not worth it but don´t tell me to shut again or I will answer you accordingly. enjoy this great roms everyone :P including you ebsbow.
  10. who cares about memory figures from someone else, does you phone lags or something? you are not able to run several apps at the same time or something? if this is not your case stop worrying and if it is... well flash and ultralite and be happy with all your free (useless info) memory :huh:
  11. I really don´t care much for free RAM, in fact I just look at it because you guys made do it with that little argument. over 10 programs installed already but just flash the rom a few hours ago so not sure (don´t care really) how much it will be left by the end of the day... just enjoy the new builds and forget about minor details!! by the way how do i set up streaming player, is it supposed to work with what browser on which site? by the images you will know which build I´m using :huh:
  12. no way omnialove, that 'sS2U2 i even think standard lock has been remove but what is it with all the questions, are you flashing or no? :huh: c'mom pick your favorite, charge that thing and flash away :P
  13. judging by the screen shots from first post S2U2 is present on that version, why do you say is not? on the other hand I´m using Diablo version so I cannot be 100% sure.. :huh:
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