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  1. I follow the installation steps as are in the explanation, I do a Softreset and when I activate the titanium looks exactly as before. if I worked the glass taskbar and buttons da does not change, everything looks like the original titanium
  2. can not get it working. This may be the problem?. my ROM is JE3. I need to do a hard reset to install?
  3. when you open that file there is an option that says "set ringtone" in that paragraph says "change settings and notifications" and within this the "tap screen and hardware buttons" hope will be useful regards
  4. use the Resco Explorer or a similar program and find the file welcomecenter.ink or welcomecenter.exe. from there you can activate the vibration of the screen and sound when you tap, I have them enabled.
  5. to activate the vibration, go to the windows folder and find the icon called wellcomecenter.exe, open it and there have to activate the vibration of the screen. regards sry my English
  6. anyone has the solution of this problem? I would like to change the wallpaper black. thanks
  7. yes, is a problem !!! any solution for this isue? thx
  8. Hello friends I installed this on my I8000 LockScreen and works perfectly. I have only one question that I hope you can answer, such as change the wallpaper of LockScreen. I have tried in every way possible but I can not change it. regards
  9. hello friends the LockScreen works perfect, but I have the problem of not being able to change the wallpaper in any way. I apply it from all sides to LockScreen but nothing, is black. any solution? from already thank you very much ^^
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