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  1. Updated this am (UK) All looking good so far Ern
  2. ernok

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G for £299

    I put in a date the same as the end promotion date I got all coded in one mail. The movies code ends last day of May ern
  3. ernok

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G for £299

    Go Here http://www.samsung.com/uk/galaxytab/ Click on the last tab "promotion" Read the info And make sure you date your purchase correctly ! Cheers ern
  4. ernok

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G for £299

    Hi I got one as well £249 for the P1000 3g version in the CPW Clearance, sim free Like it a lot Managed to get the "free" stuff worth £200 downloaded loads of free movies, games and books As its unlocked can use as a wireless access point for up to five devices Easy to carry around with a decent screen size If only it had Honeycomb ! Ern
  5. ernok

    WiFi issue

    Hi All Wifi fixed/cured !? Last night I installed both Skype and an video calling app called Tango Yesterday and today I came home from work and the SF auto hooked up to my router :) I have since turned off the screen and tested a few times and when switching on screen it is reconnecting again I then did a kill all apps and checked that wifi was working. Walked down the road till I lost signel. Put the phone in my pocket and came home 5 mins later. This time it did not connect Did a full reboot and took a walk again came back and was working OK. Phone picked up wifi again automatically So I think from a fresh reboot all is well. If I use the built in app killer to close all apps I start geting reconnection issue My guess is installing Skype, Tango (and wifi fixer) has somehow cured the issue Im pretty sure just installing Skype and Tango was enough to cure this issue As i have been playing around with my new toy so much I tended to kill apps loaded regulary as soon as i do that the reconnectiion issue comes back and I have to use Wifi fixer to fix it Or do a full reboot Its worth a try to intstall these apps one at a time to see if any of them help. ern
  6. ernok

    WiFi issue

    Hi Wifi Fixer seems to have "fixed it for me" When switching on from sleep. Wifi fixer tries a reassociate then a reconect then finally if that fails turns off and on wifi automatically. Take a few secs but at least it works without any manual intervention by me ern
  7. Its a plastic screen so is liable to get a scratch or 2. I have cut up an iphone sheild for the mo until we get "proper" screen covers. I believe I read that a samsung i900 screen cover is a pretty good match ern
  8. ernok

    WiFi issue

    No I am still running standard rom. Only thing I have done is unlocked to all networks via nck unlock PS I am reasonably happy with the standard rom. I just wish I could remove the Orange apps which I do not use to free up a bit of space and have a few less icons to scroll through ! ern
  9. ernok

    WiFi issue

    Me to Does not matter if I have bluetooth on or off still have wifi issue ern
  10. Hi Anyone worked out what the back button light flashes does When charging its red/green when charged Other times when not charging it flashes red for no obvious reason ? ern
  11. Nooo Am I the only one to like the Orange wallpaper ern
  12. ernok

    WiFi issue

    I just tried my mifi (from 3) no issue in reconecting so must be an issue with my router and the way the SanFran talks to it. Maybe 2.2 will fix ! ern
  13. ernok

    WiFi issue

    Hi I have the Wifi issue to Will not "autoconnect" to my router. My Pulse and iPhone have no issues with this so it has to be something to do with the way this phone has implemented wifi and the way it connects to some routers My guess is the issue is in all of the phones but only happens to those with incompatible routers. Has anyone had a replacement phone and found the issue has now gone away ? I have a Huwai HG520s I have installed wifi onoff from the market and put a shortcut to my home screen which I use to manually get wifi up again. Not ideal but will do until permanant a fix comes along ern
  14. Hi Liked the review. Went down to my local Orange store and had a feel of the phone like it and bought it Now been playing with it all afternoon. Much improved over the Pulse i had before Only issue so far is the WiFi not auto reconnecting other than that very happy with the phone I have unlocked and a 3 sim and O2 sim work fine ern
  15. ernok


    I have founf the 400ma charger to be very slow I have resorted to using my iphone charger 1000ma Its a lot quicker ern

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