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  1. Test what if nothing (or very small things) has changed? I do not want to bug you, just trying to understand your point and thus be able to appreciate changes (new problems or disapeared old ones) I could have with your new ROM and mitigate them with the OS changes :)
  2. As I understand it, JCIC1 is 1 month earlier than DXID1 (by the way, I do not know which country is represented by 'JC'). Why did you revert to a previous official ROM as your base? As far as I know, most cookers do use ID1 : did you find is something wrong with it? Thanks for your hard work.
  3. moTweets does work for me, over wifi or existing 3G connection. However, it does not work if it initiates the 3G connection with the 28014 release; it was working fine with the 28002.
  4. OK, thank you for your feedback. I did not try M2D on the 28014, installed SPB MS 3.5 trial just after flash. I have no problem with the 28014 except for some connection problems (see posts above). I think that this one is quite speedier than previous ones, and I have more free RAM (better memory management when releasing unused blocks ? : more free RAM after cleanRAM than with 28002).
  5. Do you have a more precise feedback ? On what do you base your opinion ? Thanks for sharing :)
  6. More on the connections problems with the 28014 : - my Visual Voice Mail works no more : it launchs the connection, but says it does not manage to contact the server ; it does not work even if I have established the connection before launching the application - quite the same for Panoramic moTweets : the cellular connection is established, but it does not manage to log me in. On the other hand, it does work if the connection is already established. These 2 apps - as the facebook and tweeter widgets in SPB MS - were working with the 28002 rom. Other apps are working though (SBP MS Weather, Facebook, Opera 10, ...). Ryrzy, any clue ? Did you change anything with the connections configuration, or is it a bug in the 28014 ? Do someone with the 23616 can provide us feedback about similar problems (or lack of) ?
  7. I haven't tester the BT contact sending or receiving, but the XTRA is present and working for me in both 28002 and 28014 Ryrzy's roms; no problem downloading GPS satellites info over cellular or wifi connection : settings -> system -> enhanced gps.
  8. I have the same problem with the 28014. It was working fine with the 28002. By the way, it is also true for the tweeter widget.
  9. I can confirm that installation of the omnia lite keyboard with the cab over the already installed one corrects the position problem: erroneous or missing registry setting(s) in the rom?
  10. First : many thanks Sector for your quality work! About the keyboard position problem that I have on your 23504 titanium too: on your 23064 titanium version, I installed the new Omnia Lite keyboard and didn't had the position problem: could this be due to a previous registry value already configured? Did someone tried to install the cab for this keyboard over the builtin ROM one to see if it would solve the problem? I would have done it myself, but my i900 has no more battery and I have no mean at the moment to plug it for charging... :)
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