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  1. Not true! He had 2 Nexus S's. He will update this at some point. You can download v2.3.4 for yourself (look on XDA). Install it via custom recovery. This will wipe the custom recovery off your phone. Install ROM manager and Superuser from the market after you've installed v2.3.4. You will then be able to download the necessary files within the apps. Both will deposit the files onto your SD card. Then install the recovery via fastboot and install the Superuser files via the recovery. Hey presto! Nice clean rooted ROM!!!
  2. It's a mod and maybe it will follow in an MCR :)
  3. Carphone Warehouse is showing 'In stock' for the Nexus S on there website if anyone wants to bite the bullett. Can't believe no Micro SD slot though. That's lame.
  4. I must admit if the specs don't trample everything else out there at the moment I won't be bothering. I don't know why Google would be bothering if they don't. Surely it must be a big step up from the Nexus One. I would like :- Bigger screen, dual core CPU, 1GB RAM, better camera. That would make me buy it. Although I'm sure the poor battery will last half a day :)
  5. As the title says. Read/hope/enjoy! Link
  6. Is anyone else getting bad MD5 check when downloading? Getting it every time I download and can't install.
  7. Try uninstalling YouTube with Titanium Backup. Reboot the phone then try again.
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