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  1. you means rom? i'm only make for korea omnia2 now but i will make i8000 rom :) it need compile and it's optimize for korea omnia2 it need some modify for europe omnia2 long time no see :) please reference commits on my github good commit for performance, smooth ADD SIO I/O Scheduler Fixed ext4 disk write performance regression.(fschaefer) ext4: fix memory leak in ext4_free_branches add jhash3 Page Table Optimization ADD rcu: Tiny RCU Update: RCU the Bloatwatch Edition v8 Enable CGROUP Scheduler change compile flag and tweak conservative Enable good options(Performance boost) Conservative governor tweak config.hz to 500hz ADD Stochastic Fair Blue Net Scheduler (SFB) good for others modify battery polling interval Prevent problem for some bad SDHC card good for defcofnig options CONFIG_FPE_FASTFPE=y (good for performance) CONFIG_RCU_FANOUT=16 CONFIG_HZ=500 (good for smooth) CONFIG_CGROUPS=y # CONFIG_CGROUP_DEBUG is not set # CONFIG_CGROUP_NS is not set CONFIG_CGROUP_FREEZER=y # CONFIG_CGROUP_DEVICE is not set # CONFIG_CPUSETS is not set CONFIG_CGROUP_CPUACCT=y CONFIG_RESOURCE_COUNTERS=y # CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR is not set CONFIG_CGROUP_SCHED=y CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED=y CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED=y # CONFIG_CPU_BPREDICT_DISABLE is not set (good for performance and smooth) CONFIG_OABI_COMPAT=y (very good for performance and smooth) CONFIG_ANDROID_BUF_NUM=4 Kernel/arch/arm/vfp/Makefile -KBUILD_AFLAGS :=$(KBUILD_AFLAGS:-msoft-float=-Wa,-mfpu=softvfp+vfp) +KBUILD_AFLAGS :=$(KBUILD_AFLAGS:-marm -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=softp) Makefile CFLAGS_KERNEL = -march=armv6zk -mtune=arm1176jzf-s -mfpu=vfp -marm -fsingle-precision-constant -ftree-vectorize -fprofile-correction -falign-loops AFLAGS_KERNEL = -march=armv6zk -mtune=arm1176jzf-s -mfpu=vfp -marm -fsingle-precision-constant -ftree-vectorize -fprofile-correction -falign-loops KBUILD_CFLAGS := -Wall -Wundef -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs \ -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common \ -Werror-implicit-function-declaration \ -Wno-format-security \ -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks \ -march=armv6zk -mtune=arm1176jzf-s -mfpu=vfp -marm -mfloat-abi=softfp \ -fsingle-precision-constant -ftree-vectorize \ -fprofile-correction -falign-loops i'm recommand to toolchain Linaro GCC4.5.4 (2011.08)(arm-eabi-) thanks :) i'm not make for i8000 now but i will make that :)
  2. i put the tar.gz in my storage and then run HARET but it wont load the files. why is that

  3. i put the tar.gz in my storage and then run HARET but it wont load the files. why is that

  4. hi i'm make android rom and kernel for korea omnia2 it's base on voyteckst, almar, bsbsbs, Egon, phj 's i8000 android rom and kernel thanks for developers :) here is my git kernel source https://github.com/k...2-android-26329 it have many improvement i hope useful to developer thanks again
  5. Please send me another link to this rom

    Megaupload link was die now.


    TOmnia2_Chdls21_PDA EB07.nb0 - it's pda rom

    M710_CSC_EB07.csc - it's csc rom

    M710_PHONE_EA11_COMMERCIAL.bin - it's phone rom

  6. hi use sch-m715? CyanogenMod Beta1 works on m715 but it need some modify system file and modify kernel and not working some features not working features on korea omnia2(sch-m715) - USB Charge / ADB UMS (it's not working since first eclair version, i'm give up, but it works on show omnia2 (sch-m8400)) - Phone and 3G (cause unknown baseband version) - DMB TV (it's not hopeful) froyo beta3 is many features working on korea omnia2(it need modify system and kernel too) (excluded usb charge/adb) if use modified system and kernel, then froyo beta3 is working phone and 3g perfactly but too slower than cynogenmod beta i'm korean sorry, i don't know chinese language
  7. hi there thanks to developer lastest CyanogenMod beta 1 for i8000 is wonderful amazing fast and smooth!! it's like original android phone many korean love omnia2 android but phone and 3g is not working on korea omnia2 (sktelecom and kt - wcdma 2100Mhz single band) (can not detect baseband version) at previous version, use eclair beta1 param.ko and dpram.ko module -> working phone but lastest version(cynogenmod) working not at all and http://o2droid.phj.hu/ , kernel source update is 11/19/2011 i'm get kernel source on svn server(svn://o2droid.phj.hu/kern_2.6.32) perhaps svn server kernel and module source is lastest source(after december,2011)? it perhaps it's only can not view lastest(after december,2011) changeset on http://o2droid.phj.hu/? i hope get lastest(after december,2011) kernel and module source and i hope cooperation with omnia2 developers i hope give my android tweak and tweaked kernel source and compile optimzation flags - it's android on korea omnia2 applied my tweaked android and tweaked kernel (it's base on CyanogenMod Beta1 Omnia 2 and svn server kernel source) sorry my bad english thanks
  8. froyo clock has crazy different clock statusbar and lockscreen and widget statusbar and lockscreen clock is stop ,not refresh now my omnia2 froyo clock lockscreen - 9:44 am widget - 9:51 am statusbar - 9:39 am how about this? it's only my problem???
  9. korea omnia2 has market working! solution is use korea galaxyS's(SWH-M110S) GoogleServicesFramework.apk file but only working at first boot google sign-in method
  10. my korea omnia2 is not working add google account and market, gtalk (if telephone is working at first boot then google account and market not working, if telephone is not working at first boot them google account and market working it's my log during add google account have many errors "????????????????"is not valid imei (expect 15 decimal digit)"-> i think it's point my imei number is 16 digit
  11. korea omnia2 google account market fix test result test1. froyo beta1 pack+original froyo module files(.ko) +market fix patch -> phone network is not working(telephone not working) add google account and market working perfactly gtalk service monitor aid is normal test2. froyo beta1 pack+ eclair beta1 dpram.ko module, optimized for korea 3g module(multipdp.ko),other modules froyo modules +market fix patch -> phone network is working perfactly(telephone working perfactly) add google account and market not working gtalk service monitor aid is 0(INVALID AID!) result on korea omnia2 telephone not working -> google account and market working perfactly telephone working perfactly -> google account and market not working LOL it's funny i don't understanding :)
  12. oh market is fix!!! it's working!!! thanks!!! :) :) add account and market download working! apk files change permission to 644 -> not work apk files not change permission -> working!!! never change apk file permission
  13. oh my god!! i'm apply this patch but still not working i don't belive it and i tried to clean install and apply this patch but account and market is not working always same error my korea omnia2 crazy? :)
  14. eclair package has system/framework/com.google.android.gtalkservice.jar but froyo package not have system/framework/com.google.android.gtalkservice.jar it's useless on froyo?
  15. did you see "aid: 0(INVALID AID!!!)" message on gtalk service monitor app? my problem is google account -> i tried to fresh install and sign into google account at first boot (i tried to more 20 times but all times same failed) but "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server" message with failed (3g and wifi perfactly working, only google account and market not working) after sign into google account with youtube app -> run market -> display "A Server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen." message(3g and wifi perfactly working) gtalk -> run gtalk -> display blank screen during 1second and turn off
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