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  1. Cue lots of blowback on O2 with people reporting their One X+ takes 8 hours to charge (because they're reusing their old 0.5A chargers).
  2. I should get my Note next week hopefully, will compare it with the One X and report back.
  3. Strange how other Xperia handsets (with the same storage, processor and RAM) can run Sony's ICS update but not the Play. Oh well, will stick with AOKP 4.0.4 :-)
  4. Been testing my bake for a bit, getting lots of 'unfortunately browser has stopped' messages when performing certain functions (like setting accounts up). Does the HTC framework need the stock browser to be present? I de-selected it on my bake. EDIT: Turns out the stock browser is present in my bake, thought I'd de-selected it! Hmm, will keep testing...
  5. Deselecting the HTC lock screen doesn't allow you to tick the ICS lock screen in the kitchen, will this be a problem?
  6. Gave 012 a go last night, very impressed so far. Seem so fluid in operation and so far totally stable :) One thing I will say (which isn't Trip's fault and is either kernel or poor DAC related) is that I'm still getting the hiss/crackle in audio when listening to music using headphones, this has been the case on all roms I've tried with stock kernel so far. Is it possible that software (like a different kernel) could improve this or is it just cheap DAC hardware being used in the One X?
  7. Tried the MCR rom out today, runs nice and smooth but getting graphical glitches when using the rear facing camera (front facing works fine). Anyone else noticed this?
  8. Can I ask if you're using the Viewpad as a satnav also? If so can your charging solution maintain the charge of the viewpad?
  9. Windows method worked fine for me.
  10. My 5v 2amp car charger arrived but it's still not enough to maintain the charge of the viewpad when it's being used as a sat nav :(
  11. I installed busybox but it made no difference, as you can see in my thread here http://android.modaco.com/content/commtiva...g-clockworkmod/
  12. How are people coping with the low amount of internal memory on the tablet? I've uninstalled a lot of system stuff using titanium backup and still only have 50 Meg free and this gradually seems to be decreasing without me installing anything new :blink:
  13. I've ordered some cheap ones off eBay so will let you know if they're worth it
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