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  1. Yes, you can have spanish as language. If the CSC file says "NXX" it means its a multilanguage file For backup, i dont know about the FULL ROM backup, but back in the days, when i used the omnia, i used SPB backup. Worked very good. (as long as you flashed the same rom as the backup e.g. my JJ1v.T 6.5 English ROM and then restored the backup, you would get all your programs and all your files)
  2. http://www.modaco.com/topic/325169-new-official-firmware-from-samsung-i8000nxjj1/
  3. Im sorry i dont have them on my PC, but on most of the new roms the link is still working. ------ off topic: i was looking at my files and i have 107k downloads on the official JG5 firmware!
  4. Omnia II Hard Reset 1. Turn OFF the phone; 2. Press VolumeUp and Lock buttons (do not release); 3. Press Call/Green and then HangUp/Red (do not release all buttons); 4. Phone should Vibrate and turn on; 5. Count to 3 and release all buttons; You will have a choice to FORMAT or CANCEL the operation. (you will lose all personal data by this)
  5. im sorry argentinos, i cant help you. I have moved over to a sony xperia ray and i have almost forgot everything about this phone. Last time i worked with roms was back in 2010/start of 11.
  6. I think most people have moved on and Samsung have stopped updating the phone, so it would be hard to get the html5 browser.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, but this is an ENGLISH ONLY forum.
  8. bumping this so new users will see it easier also updated title.
  9. how many is it that still use the I8000? i moved on to a Sony Ericsson xperia ray in the summer.
  10. thats an old version use this one, if you want the offical rom http://www.modaco.com/topic/325169-new-firmware-i8000nxjj1/
  11. disable htc dialer, but then you will get the windows dialer.
  12. this is the newest version. JJ1 (6.5) EBOOT: Eboot_I8000NXXJJ1 CSC: I8000PROJJ1 PHONE: Phone_I8000XXJJ1 MST: (the official JJ1 rom) PDA_I8000NXXJJ1 ROM_DUMP: (for cookers) ROM_DUMP JJ1 Password = samfirmware.com
  13. use the I8000ZCNJI1 csc the rom is english only so you wont get chinese langeuage, but look at this thread for a chinese keyboard.
  14. example with i8000NXXIJ6 rom i8000 - > model designation. N - > window mobile 6.5 XX - > region / network carrier designation (XX = open Market). I - > release year (I = 2009). J - > release month (J = October). 6 - > version number. flash the eboot, csc, phone and the nb0 file (the rom you have chosen) dont install the MST file, this is the official rom from samsung with all samsung apps (its slow)
  15. you dont need to update before flashing a new rom.
  16. you dont need to update to 6.5 before flashing the rom. here is a guide how to install roms on win7 also install this http://www.modaco.com/topic/306830-how-to-flash-your-omnia-2-under-win7-32-64bit/page__st__20#entry1359917
  17. try this: http://www.howtoreset.com/Samsung_Units/I8000_Omnia_II_Hard_Reset_Soft_Reset.html Its a hardreset, so you will lose all your data
  18. i used Disk utility to create the partitions, but i used Gparted just for the screenshot. i unchecked the option while i created the ext4 partion and on FAT(32) and swap there wasnt an option to do it. ------ I found the problem, in startup file i changed mmcblk1p2 to mmcblk0p2. Since i dont have a sd card. Thanks for the help
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