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  1. Well, I don't know if this info will help but I got the voicemail icon issue fixed just through replacing the voicemail apk (sprint_core) again using the information below: The file: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...p;postcount=125 The instructions: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...p;postcount=698 (for some reason just installing it via astro wouldn't work but this did)
  2. Hmm, definitely not the case for me. Just tested by hooking up to wireless and then trying to turn it off through the standard method (the power button...otherwise, I generally just type reboot through the connectbot app :)).
  3. Anything I can send or do to help? On a possibly related note...Peep also is having some unusual display issues. The background image for the main app and the icon for the menu are missing (see attached). Actually...as I prepared for the screenshots above, I realized it's ForceClosing when I try and view a profile at all. o_O The widget however, looks as expected and is just fine.
  4. Works great and definitely much faster...however, my voicemail is just a yellow "!" now though and no text to identify it (it still works, just no icon or text in the menu) Also, the SuperUser permissions app doesn't appear to be working. This is on a fresh install (RUU->Modaco). EDIT: Ignore the SuperUser permissions app issue...my nubness at forgetting to turn on usb debugging. EDIT2: Screenshot attached, lower right corner is supposed to be the voicemail app (clicking it still brings it up, as mentioned...the app is functional, just the icon doesn't appear to be working)
  5. Have you tried redownloading it from the internet? It may have actually been corrupted from there rather than from the transfer between computer and phone.
  6. First you install core...then you go and repeat with the enhanced pack...(do it the same way you did the core). It just adds onto the existing stuff. :)
  7. How unusual, I just tested and all the commands you mentioned there worked for me (running 1.1 of MoDaCo's ROM on my sprint hero). Over at XDA, I noticed Apps2SD on this ROM is...not consistent. It appears to be working for some and not others. I haven't decided to take the plunge yet since I'm not terribly low on space. :)
  8. CDMA is a band/type of radio technology used by cell phones. The major players of this in the US are Verizon and Sprint. GSM is a different band/type of radio technology used by cell phones. The major players of this are ATT and T-mobile. The different radios are actually different hardware so swapping from CDMA to GSM isn't available to the majority of phones (only a few actually have both, generally marketted as "world phones").
  9. I think he'd need to get access to the Android 2.0 Kernel from HTC most likely...same reason as we don't have an Android 1.6 MCR for the Hero. :D
  10. TheCodeMonk


    This is true...Apps2SD needs root access to perform some of the actions it does. :)
  11. All the official ROM updaters. You should be able to just run the one for your provider and it should go back to stock as if you just bought the thing. :) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=559622
  12. TheCodeMonk


    To the best of my knowledge (granted, I've only been doing research about a month now so I'm still fairly new to the android community), gaining root access to our phones has only been possible through using a exploit on the kernel...thus "hacking" to gain access to the device (Unless it's a developer phone I think)
  13. What root gives you access to is - uninstall some of the apps that the carrier pushes on you (like Sprint NFL and NASCAR) - install custom ROM's (Like MoDaCo's ROM) that have updated software, different functionality, etc. - Be able to tether your phone (so your computer can hook up to it wirelessly and use it's internet connection, effectively acting as a cell modem) (This can be done on iPhones but it takes rooting also and Apple is fairly active in trying to break your root access) There's more info here on "Why Root?": http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=543940 Unlike the iPhone, you can install non-market apps out of the box. You don't even have to root it or anything for that. If you're looking for comparisons to the iPhone, there's dozens of reviews (google: hero vs iphone) that address this and the different capabilities. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want out of your phone and how important each feature is. :)
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