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    Advent 4211 recovery - appeal for help!

    hiya. newbie here. been scouring this site since last night. my wife has recently been given an advent 4211c to keep if she can fix it. (or rather if i can fix it). when i log on i get a blank screen saying "windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware config prob. could not read from the selected boot disk......" well i have went into bios and tried all variants to boot from but to no avail so i now wish to try and set up a bootable usb with recovery on it. i noticed pd,ryders post earlier and i am trying to use that as a guide. i have made my usb bootable and am in process of downloading the files needed from megaupload. i have noticed people talking about pellos recovery guide. could someone pls point me to this guide. i cannot seem to find it. pls excuse me if i am in wrong place or my post is daft. i'm not that tech minded. thank you in advance

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