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  1. **The theme that you are talking about is the normal Classic Blue theme of the ROM. Jacobn left the Black and the Blue Themes in the Rom. Just switch to the Classic Blue theme if that is what you want : Start>Settings(windows)>Home>On appearance tab just chose Classic Blue. Your O2 will reset and that is it. **Some people prefer the folders as you have in the Rom because it gives one quick access to the progams especialy if one has many programs installed instead of continuous scrolling before getting to the program you want. Just a preference though. The Chef will be able to answer this question better. **Jacobn had addressed some of our concerns in the past and had provided solutions to fix certain issues without insisting on donations.You can donate to him if you so desire but I don't think he is making that a prerequisite to respond to concerns. I have found his Rom Builder very useful because it has given me the opportunity to add some programs that I have been using since the days of ipaq while building the Rom. Thanks Jacobn !
  2. Thanks for the reply. Downloading now. Edit: Worked well. I have also replaced the Package_SecContact rgu in the ROMBuilder with the one you attached above. Thanks a lot !!
  3. @jacobn Hi, I am using JI1 Rom from JI1 RomBuilder. I notice that the left soft key when I am using Titanium (Chome) is in Russian. Is there any registry tweak or a cab to change this to English language? I tried the chome fix cab that you uploaded on page 8 for the JJI rom but it did not work. Kindly help with a cab to fix this if it is possible. The screenshot is attached below. Thanks.
  4. Reboot, then calibrate, then tap on the top- right corner. Is there any way for you to upload the today screen of the lite or ultralite that you have flashed?. Just want to see if the today screen has items or it is just blank as in the previous lite rom becuase it will help me to determine whether to flash the rom or not. Thanks. Edit : Never mind about the screenshot. I have the screen shot uploaded by the Chef.
  5. Downloaded the Sense Rom. Waiting for the Lite Rom . Thanks for your hardwork. I see that Cookie and Windroid are up too. Seems like the Lite will be the last to be uploaded. I will wait Chef :D :D :D :D
  6. Do you have an antivirus program on your pc?. Could it be interfering with the download?. The 3 times that I downloaded the ROMBuilder (Both the JI1 and JJI) the antivirus on my pc quarantined some files from the rom builder saying that it contained a virus though it did not prevent a full download. I assumed the antivirus was just being paranaoid. Probably turning off whatever the antivius you have may help (just my assumption).
  7. I am sure you are trying to ask about the Task bar which is not part of the rrom. This is a 6.5 ROM (probably JJI). You can install the Taskbar and the XTask you see in that image after flashing whatever ROM you want. You can also include them (the Taskbar and the XTask) as part of the ROM when building a new ROM. Edit : bobfrantic had replied to your question while I was typing my reply.
  8. I have deleted the redundant ringtones from the registry as illustrated above. Thanks for your assistance.
  9. I suspect, that at you the archive is downloaded with errors, try to download from a mirror and to check up md5.
  10. I am using the JI1_ROMBuilder. The problem is that I cannot find the camera.exe in the OEMApps. I have changed the attributes of the folder and files to make the files unhidden but search results still yielded nothing. Im using windows 7 x64bit
  11. Do you mean one should delete these files *.rgu when one gets the error?
  12. [i use Windows 7 and I also have the "user account control settings" turned totally off. that can be turned off in the computer's control panel in the Users Accounts part.
  13. No, I can copy the camera.exe file into OEM\OEMApps normally. The building of the ROM starts but gets aborted halfway saying the Camera.exe file is already in the ROMbuilder. I have chosen show 'hidden files option' using file options as suggested by speedfrog above to see if I can overwrite the so called camera.exe in the builder but it I cannot find it.
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