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  1. I put the Fresh ROM on my phone. It did require a wipe, but using Titanium, I got almost all my settings and programs transfered over without a problem... if you donate (I think it's like 3 bucks) then you get the one touch backup and restore from Titanium which is really helpful.
  2. Do not put the Sprint Release RUU on your phone or you cannot root it. If you want to use a Sprint ROM then use the test RUU... it's basically the same but without su. I actually tore apart the two ROMs and made my own update.zip so I kept my recovery image.
  3. I would suggest just running the RUU from Sprint to get 2.1 installed. This will "unroot" your phone and clean off all your apps and settings. ***** IMPORTANT ******* As of yet, there is no way to root the 2.1 release from Sprint. So if you RUU to the official release, you will not have root and you will not be able to root your phone until an exploit is found. If that's a concern to you, then RUU to the test version. ***** IMPORTANT *******
  4. I think he's asking because it was released yesterday... keep up with the news akhtar1817 - be patient. It was only released yesterday.
  5. Paul, While I agree with the sentiments that woofers1803 states here about having an updated kitchen... I do realize two things. 1) The official upgrade was just released today... so... it takes time for you to do your magic - please take your time and do it right. 2) You have many other things going on besides taking care of the Sprint Hero users... especially on the day of the release of the software I would like to thank you very much for everything you have done... especially since you put out the very first Hero CDMA ROM just days after the Hero was rooted. Please don't think that all us Sprint Hero users are rude enough to think that you should drop all the things in your life to put together a custom ROM for us. I never used the other ROMs out there and stuck with yours because it is really the only one out there that never had to be updated in the past 4 months (i.e. bug free). Again, thanks for everything you do... and if/when you get a chance to put the new release in the kitchen, just know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.
  6. Paul, I know you're busy.... but any chance we can get a custom ROM built on the 2.1 test release that Sprint sent out?
  7. Not really... the date - 26/Jan leads one to believe that it's not based on the - as of yet unreleased - official 2.1 Sprint ROM. 2.2 leads one to believe that it's the next incarnation of MoDaCo's ROM after 2.1 (and that being the successor to 2.0)
  8. Especially somebody who owns a Samsung Omnia II (i8000) and not an HTC Hero of any kind. I think we have a spy!!!
  9. I found 2 apk's in /system/framework, so I guess that raises to total # of apk's on the phone to 188.
  10. Paul... 2 suggestions for the next kitchen. 1) When Rosie is unchecked, can you also keep the HTC widgets out of the build? I don't mind having to go back and delete them, but it'd be nice if they weren't there to begin with since they're useless without Rosie 2) Can you add an option to keep the HtcLocationServices out of the build? Again... without Rosie... it's useless, but even with Rosie, some people have found that removing it helps battery and performance. Also, even with the HTC Widgets, they will use the Google service if the HTC one isn't available (that's my understanding).
  11. No problems with the market for me... Kitchen 2.2. I know what Paul will ask "What did you enable/disable in your custom ROM?"
  12. Paul... I wrote these little scripts to make some stuff easy for me to not have to remember the commands. Thought maybe they might be helpful to be included in the next ROM. As more and more people start rooting their phones for the first time, the forums are flooded with "Why does it say it's read-only?" and "How do I replace my already custom recovery with this version" and so on... so these scripts make it pretty easy to do all those things. I put them in /data/xbin because I know it's untouched by your updates, but they'd be more helpful in /system/xbin or something. Just a suggestion. Helpful_Scripts.zip
  13. I've noticed that apps aren't closing after being idle. I'm running 2.2 from the kitchen with compcache installed, enabled, and running at the default size. Could this be a situation with the new kernel? the new build? or compcache? I just went into estrongs and found that every program I'd run since my last boot last night was still listed as running (albeit idle or empty) and taking up memory.
  14. I agree that 2.1 is the answer. I'm willing to wait. HTC is aware of the problem, but they have not moved to fix it (I don't think the problem came apparent until December, so in all fairness, it hasn't been that long). Perhaps they're waiting until 2.1 when it's not an issue. Like I said, I'm really just trying to get the word out so people don't think it's a MoDaCo problem, or spend fruitless days trying to fix it (like i did).
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