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  1. My trusty Tyn II is nearing the end of its life. I've just read that Win 7 Mobile doesn't have a proper method of syncing with Outlook and Business Contact Manager. Is there a proper fix for this on the way or is it the clumsy hot mail work around still? It seems to me that Microsoft don't want Small Business users. Looking for a device which does everything (and more) that my current phone does: - TomTom - Excel, Word - Calendar, Tasks and Contacts - sync with PC - Email - Web access Any suggestions, please?
  2. I'm looking for a replacement for my TynII and had been considering a Touch Pro 2. I'm looking for email, excel and word capability plus browsing. Is the TP2 about to be phased out? What's the alternative in the UK?
  3. My task list shows old categories which I would like to delete. There appears not to be an option on the device and they are not listed on the PC when I synchronise with Outlook. Any suggestions, please?
  4. Now that the UK version of MS Voice Command is available has anyone tried voice dialling with an HBH-35 and an M1000?
  5. I've been using M1000 since September. Yes the size is a problem, plus the battery life - but I do like the PDA type functionality. Interesting to read the comments about using two phones. Are you suggesting a second SIM card, possbilty diverting calls between the two phones, or swapping the existing SIM between the phones? At one point I was swapping the SIM almost daily and was concerned about the fragility of the SIM and its housing. Is there a better solution?
  6. You're right about pressing the button - that's how it works with the Nokia - and it's good. I've tried Neu Voice but it won't work via the Bluetooth - Neuvoice have confirmed this is correct. I've emailed VITO to find out if their voice dialling solution supports bluetooth. I'll let you know their response in due course. I'd like to try Window Voice Command but its not available to UK residents at the moment - not sure whether it supports bluetooth? Turbo
  7. Thanks. Tried this and it worked. Thought I'd done all this before - may be the sequence? Anyway I'm connected for sound. Do you use voice dialling? I've loaded a trial of Neu voice Navigator. When using the handset alone I can voice dial by selecting the NVN icon but don't know how to do it from HBH35. Previously I have used the HBH35 with a Nokia phone and could voice dial by: pressing the button on the HBH35 to produce a series of tones speaking the voice tag followed by automatic dialling. ie It wasn't necessary to touch the M1000. With the HBH35 connected to the M1000 pressing the button on the HBH35 does not produce the tones prompting for the voice tag. Any suggestions please? Thanks
  8. Did you set it up as your Headset Profile when pairing? Yes Do you enable BT headset when you activate BT? - Please could you tell me where this command is? - Can't see any reference to it? Many thanks :)
  9. Has anyone managed to get an SPV M1000 to work with an HBH-35. I managed to get them paired. But nothing comes through on the HBH. Any suggestions please? Many thanks
  10. Does anyone know how to get voice dialling on an SPV M1000? I had this feature on my Nokia and found it useful. It appears there is a Windows enhancement but its only available to US residents. Thanks Turboace
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