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  1. Try this one http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...-rom-by-ra6o74/
  2. With no offense to anybody - now with my brand new HTC HD2 I'm using Master NRGZ28's rom. I'm Energy Addicted!
  3. P.S. I bought for Christmas a HTC HD2 device for my self and very first day I flash it with NRGZ28's rom. Omnia 2 is better in just two aspects: camera and battery life. With his rom after two days with no soft resets I have 178 MB ram in use, 270 MB RAM free out of 449 MB RAM total with NRGZ28 29007 GTX Cookie 2.0 ROM. What do you thing?!
  4. Hi! I still keep two versions of NRGZ28 Roms from 01.Oct. but both of them are WinMo 6.5. If someone keeps 6.5.3 roms from that date and he/she is willing to share them you will see that I'm wright. They have everything Office, HTC keyboard, etc. Our device has small amount of RAM, so don't expect miracles.
  5. Try using some older NRGZ28 ROMs, before he started using JE3 Rom as a base for his 6.5.3 versions - 01.Oct. is good one!
  6. Sorry disappointing you! I'm not so skilled in cooking roms.
  7. I'll flash wright now, thanks :) What does csc file doing? Is it for Turkey only, or it has some scripts?
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