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  1. Streakdroid and stock Rom uses different framework for cam afaik.
  2. What about the stock 2.2 ROM? Is this working any version with frontcam?
  3. You mean, I'll find it in the ZIP? : I can not see tun.ko !
  4. I need the tun.ko for 2.2 319 (modded ROM) or the stock 318. I would like to use OpenVPN. I looked for it but no success. Please give me a link.
  5. With stock launcher works but if you have alternate locker or launcher (ex. Widgetlocker) it stops.
  6. Do you have the working beta? Link me please...
  7. Which ROM version of Streak? Please write me more about the connection and functioning...stability.
  8. ..on wifi no problem, but if I put the SIM card and begin to browse, crashes immediately... If you have same problem, comment me...
  9. Without SIM card (Wifi browsing) the Streak works properly. I suppose, my SIM is damaged. Similar situation for anybody?
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