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  1. Ok, it's alive now. I had to hit the reset button and it sprang back to life.
  2. I let the battery run completely down on an ipaq rw6815 at work and now it won't charge at all. I've plugged it in to the ac charger that came with the phone and a red light comes on on the phone. I'm pretty sure this light is suppose to turn orange when the phone is actually charging (like my htc hermes). I can't turn the phone on or get any life out of it. Does anyone know of a solution? Thanks
  3. But those charges don't come out of your flext allowance do they? You have to pay those charges in addition to your flext bill. Shame really, I'd glady pay over the odds if it came out of my allowance as I barely use all if it anyway.
  4. I've done the exact same thing... had the phone in my pocket and washed the trousers. It was a samsung p400. So I took the battery and sim card out and left it to dry for a few days inside my computer case (don't have an airing cupboard so that's the best alternative). After that I tried to turn it on, no luck. But I had a spare battery for it so i though i'd try that.. and it worked! Also i dropped another phone into a pint of water, it was only in there for a few seconds. Left that to dry for a while and it was good as new (so far as i could tell).
  5. I'd say the keyboard is very important. If you don't have one you have to enter text with that rubbish on screen keyboard (too small to be useful, but still takes up too much screen space), or using handwriting recognition (takes about 5 tries to input a word). I say go for the hermes/M3100.
  6. I did a speed test earlier and got 400kbps. seems a little high for just 3g but I guess it could've been an inaccurate test. it was the test at zdnet.. I don't have link atm. i'm on WnW standard, haven't called up about hsdpa yet.
  7. I have to say the red keyboard is starting to grow on me, and I like the grey/silver front. I agree the back looks really cool. (posted from my vario II :D)
  8. well they finally activated my sim.. can make calls and use gprs, no umts or hsdpa though. hopefully that'l kick in any day now. (posted from my hermes!)
  9. They didn't activate my sim either.. don't know why, some problem they are having or something. I'm just waiting it out.
  10. Well thanks for the replies, I'll just leave it turned off and wait for the magic to happen.
  11. So i got my Vario II this morning, I was happier than father christmas on valium.. in disneyland.. getting laid. My happiness was abruptly cut short when I turned that baby on and couldn't connect to the tmobile network. After multiple tries from various locations I phoned up customer services and they were about as useful as a wax tea cup. They said my sim registration failed.. yeah that's what I just told them! Couldn't tell me why, just kept on saying it not getting anywhere. So now I have to wait "up to 72 hours" for them to sort it out. That or me send it back and get an M3100. :D Anyone else had any problems with them or am I just the lucky one?
  12. So who's got theirs? Mine should be coming today but I had to come to work and they'll only deliver to my home address.. some BS about fraud prevention. Gonna have to collect it from the post office tomorrow :D
  13. Woo, just ordered mine. Girl on the phone was confused that there was such a high demand for it seems as it hasn't been announced anywhere officially that it's available. She said there were about 80 left at the time (about 7:00). I paid
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