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  1. It should be VPN. But I dont know how to disable it, maybe the only solution is hard reset
  2. Which one from the files is dialer? NXXJD1_Call_Log.cab 2,148 KB File 2010-04-14 167 OR NXXJD1_Contact_List.cab 1,477 KB File 2010-04-14 196
  3. Here is how it works for me: 1) Plug all 3 cinch connectors to TV 2) Plug Jack connector to suspended Omnia, not to awaken 3) Choose TV-OUT option
  4. I can confirm it, but it looks like there is no solution. For now
  5. It updates positions of GPS satelites so device have faster fix when using GPS
  6. B7610 is my third WM phone and none of my previous WM phones does this. So it is not related to WM but to B7610 and it doesnt depend on ROM version.
  7. Compass works fine for me, try to hold the phone not in strict horizontal position
  8. try this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\usbfndrv\EnableUsbCharging = 0 And it is not true that the best way how to use battery is fully charge and then fully discharge. Full discharge is not good for battery life. source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li-ion
  9. Set language to "Slovak", it's same as "Czech"
  10. It cannot be deactivated, it's just message that the call is "redirected". The reason is a fuction which can inform called person about missed call when he/she is offline. Try call from any "stupid" phone (any Nokia) and you will probably see the same or similar message.
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