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  1. Wow, well done. Seriously. For everybody who doesn't have a phone that has WMP10 in the firmware (think MPx200, or any of the Mitacs) this player is the best music player for your smartphone
  2. WMP 10 already plays video in full screen; how is this a hack? I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't understand what this changes.
  3. No, it's not a Picasso, but it is a little more lively than the boring default skin that my Windows Media Player 10 came with. Video fills the entire top part of the screen and status and title display just above the album art (just as in the desktop version of WMP 10). If anyone has any other good replacement skins, let's start uploading them for others to use. Any criticism (constructive or otherwise) is welcome here. If you don't know how to change the default skin on your phone, do a quick search on "changing default skin" in this forum to get a good understanding (any registry change has its risks, so please look up how to do it first if you don't already know how). WMP_Skins.zip
  4. You may have to many programs or items installed in the phone's main memory, that would cause your phone to run low on available program memory when running processor intensive tasks like communications and multimedia.
  5. You are probably getting that error because you are trying to connect to the WAP gateway in modem mode. You have to have an unlimited internet plan to use your phone as a modem with T-Mobile. You connection gateway would then be internet.voicestream.com or internet2.voicestream.com
  6. Just because you have unlimited T-Zones doesn't mean you have unlimited internet. The unlimited T-Zones and the unlimited internet are two separte plans (but the unlimited internet includes unlimited T-Zones). If you don't have the unlimited internet plan, then T-Mobile is likely blocking MOST available ports for your phone, except the ports necessary to view webpages.
  7. The GoTone icons can be removed easily enough. For me, the efficiency of WMP10 is that you can FINALLY move backwards and forwards through the music/video that you're viewing. Another advantage of course is that the playlist you make on your computer for your music will actually transfer to your phone with the music when you synchronize using WMP10 (in betaplayer you still have to go and manually create playlists). To each his own, though. If the Cingular ROM works out better for what YOU need, all the power to ya. For myself, I installed the 3.46 and I'm loving it. Since my TV card output solution is in WMV, windows media player is a better video player for me than betaplayer anyway.
  8. You shouldn't have given up so fast. To change the language on the phone, press Start-9-1-9-6 this takes you to the language selection box. After that, just reboot the phone and voila, ENGLISH :)
  9. I think that you can flash the 3.45 (or better yet, the new 3.46) Asian firmware to your phone EVEN when it's locked. But why take the chance. Call up Cingular customer care, and tell them that you will be travelling to Iran (where they don't have a roaming agreement), and that need to have the phone unlocked so you can use a temporary international pay as you go SIM card while you are in Iran. According to other people I've heard from who've done this, Cingular should get back to you in a few days with your unlock code for your phone. Or, you could search the web for an MPx220 software unlocker (make sure you use a good one though). Good luck, and remember to ALWAYS be careful when unlocking your phone (three wrong attempts and the phone is useless) or flashing new firmware (one bad flash and your phone is toast).
  10. I didn't answer your #1 question appropriately though. The easiest way that I've found to get tv shows from a TV tuner card to a smartphone is: (1) Have the TV tuner software encode the video normally using an easy compression like MPEG1 (those are the huge files) (2) Install Windows Media Encoder 9 on the computer and set up an automatic command line script to encode ANY video files in the TV tuner software output directory to WMV. (3) Have the output directory for the command line encoder automatically synchronize with a directory on the smartphone's memory card. It MIGHT sound complicated to set up, but once it's set up all you have to worry about is making sure you remember to record your TV shows and remember to let your phone synchronize with your computer the next morning. I have my command line encoder set up to start up at 1 am so that it transcodes all my tv shows for that day to WMV while I sleep, and my phone synchronizes with my computer all night long so when I wake up, the TV shows are on my phone already. I hope that helped a little.
  11. Okay, you have two main options to choose from. (1) You can upgrade to the 3.45 firmware and use the auto-transcoding feature of Windows Media Player 10 (2) Create a custom profile for handling Nero Digital video for your smartphone. The first option would be the easiest in the end, but if you don't feel confident in reflashing the firmware on your phone, the second option would be best. The ideal, novice settings for Nero Digital for your smartphone would be as follows: Video size: 224 (w) x 176 (h) Video bitrate: 149kbps Audio Type: LC-AAC Audio Bitrate: 64kbps Audio Frequency: 32000hz On the next screen of Nero Recode, switch OFF Quarter pixel (Qpel), Global Motion Compensation (GMC), and Bi-direction Encoding (B-Frames). Alternately, you can just select the "Quicktime Compatible" check box to set the codec appropriately. I would also select 2-pass encoding as opposed to 1-pass encoding (for better quality, although it does take just a little bit longer to encode). There you go. That type of file should play just fine in the latest Betaplayer for Smartphones. NOTE: If you are already a little knowledgeable in video transcoding, you should pass your source video through AviSynth to convert the framerate to 20 FPS before passing your AVS script to Recode for encoding. Depending on your smartphone, MPEG4 video at 20 FPS is actually a little smoother for playback on the limited processor of a smartphone. Hope that helped. Good luck!
  12. You might want to check with your provider to ensure that you aren't paying through the nose for your roaming. You can also disable your roaming from within the phone itself. I believe it's under Networks - Preferred Networks.
  13. Well, it's that time again. The time to upgrade. So tonight I order my new, unlocked, black MPx220 quad-band. I'm going to miss my MPx200. The MPx220 might be a much better phone, but my MPx200 let me tweak it so much by way of the ROMS and registry. Anyway, if anybody out there wants a good condition triband MPx200 with 1GB SD card, Krusell case, desktop charger, AC adapter, and data cable for about $150 USD, just send me note. I'll load either WM2002 or WM2003 onto the phone per your request. Sorry to leave you all.
  14. You could always grab a triband, unbranded MPx200 from simoncells.com. They go for about $190 USD over there and they can be upgraded from Windows Mobile 2002 to Windows Mobile 2003 quite easily. I use one heavily on a daily basis. It's my work and home email client (Push email is a glorious thing, it really is), my music player, my "Tivo"... oh yeah, and it also makes a good phone too ;) It's also a very LOW radiation producing phone. The only downsides....no camera (which works out fine or I wouldn't be able to use it at my office) and no bluetooth (okay, now that I DO miss).
  15. The best app BY FAR that I've found for editing sound files is a program called Goldwave. It will open up just damn near ANY type of audio file (it does this by "deflashing" the file) and you can save as almost any kind of file. You can crop or filter to your heart's delight (and it has more filters than I have family members, and that's saying something). It is a shareware program, so you get so experience how effective a program it is before committing to it.
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