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  1. Thanks esoteric. I thought that might fix the problem but I've been unable to find 'Google Maps' (as google says to look for) on the market. Would someone mind posting the app so I can reinstall it?
  2. I'm having trouble with Google Maps as well. I thought I may have broken something so I went back to my original Nandroid back-up then reapplied MoDaCo. Google Maps launches fine from its widget/icon, however when I search for anything I get the error message: "The application Google Maps (process com.google.android.maps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" Is this an artifact of MoDaCo moving "Google Maps and Google Voice Search to data partition to allow easy update", and if so, has anyone found a solution? Removing the battery didn't seem to help. Would a hard reset be a solution to this type of problem, or if not, how would one move the applications back to their original locations? Thanks!
  3. Hi! Having trouble installing the modaco rom. I am an osx 10.6.1 user with a Sprint HTC Hero. I rooted the Hero with the instructions from [http://theunlockr.com/2009/11/07/how-to-root-your-cdma-htc-hero-sprint-verizon/]. I installed the recovery image and made a Nandroid backup. The problem is, whenever I try to "Apply sdcard:update.zip", I get the error message "E:Can't open /sdcard/update.zip(bad)". I thought maybe the modaco rom had gotten corrupted during transfer so I tried transferring it by mounting the sdcard, and renaming and dragging using the finder, as well as "adb push"ing the zip to the sdcard. Have I missed a step? Thanks!!
  4. double posted on accident. attempting to remove. please see below!
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