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  1. some custom rom won't detect by kies/nps if they don't choose 'Use packages.cif for reloc IMGFS' in ExtReloc.
  2. I think the bigger one include phonebook, the smaller one didn't.
  3. disable oracle related module (php_oci8.dll, php_oci8_11g.dll, php_pdo_oci.dll) in your php.ini
  4. I don't understand your issue here. The camera should always use landscape mode, am I right?
  5. someone use my Chinese 6.5.3 JH2 lite rom tell me he can use s3clock in my 2nd rom (I create 2 version of 6.5.3 CHT JH2 lite rom) the different for the rom is: first rom, use I8000NXXJH2 (6.5.3) as base, change the XIP and SYS to 23133 CHT version, and use OEM_Lang_0404 from I8000HZHJC2, this rom can't use s3clock and also can't use cyberon's IME and voice dialer (the bundle software for Taiwan and HonkKong's I8000H). the second rom, use I8000HZHJC2 (6.5) as base, change XIP and SYS to 23133 CHT version, and for the OEM, only keep OEM_Lang_0404, all others use the files from I8000NXXJH2, this rom can use s3clock and cyberon's IME and voice dialer.
  6. AGPS program from samsung's other device (samsung i8180c). (Also include the AGPS server registry setting for Google's SUPL server) But... in my i8000 device, I don't feel any different for this.... I just test it again, it's very fast in my device now (also with gpsfix patch).... In this cab, also include a GPSSetting.exe support AGPS setting. samsung_agps.cab And... there's other method to enable AGPS like this: 1. dial *#1472365# for execute nogarder gps program. 2. click menu -> settings -> gps, change operation mode to 'MS-based' (default is 'Standalone', this is only for XTRA) 3. click menu -> settings -> GPRS (AGPS), input the google's server => 4. click menu -> settings -> security (AGPS), change SSL Setting to disabled. 5. click menu -> get position, this should connect to AGPS server to get the data, if everything work fine, you should get message like this: SUPL Flow: Unkown Status SUPL Flow:SUPL START SUPL Flow:SUPL POS INIT SUPL Flow:SUPL POS SUPL Flow:SUPL END(0)
  7. you only can delete the shortcut from start menu, but the program still exist in your device (so... no any help for the memory or storage). the only way is: create your own rom, remove the package before build the rom.
  8. It still in the rom. Just change the shortcut to \windows\SMS-MMS.exe or install the tmailwrap_sms.cab from this topic: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...ion-jinbox-exe/
  9. Sorry, I'm not sure this rom now (I'm using the Chinese version). But.... it should be same with my other version, I don't remove any codec from rom, it still in the rom. (I've tested in JE1 and CHT JH2 version, it can play .avi file with h264 video). The active sync also work in JE1 and CHT JH2 version, so I think it should work also in JH2 lite version.
  10. for new kernel and sys, try to use google to find it... like this: http://www.mobileunderground.info/sys/ flag L issue: I think either yes or no will work.
  11. 更新 remote desktop (不裝在 \windows 下, 按鍵傳不過去?): i8khzhjh2lt_remotedeskop.cab (327 KB) http://www.multiupload.com/LT7W3W20TP
  12. 這樣做出來的 rom, 開始選單的位置不對 (因為你用 OEM_Lang_0409, 是英文的), 但核心是 0804, 找的開始選單路徑是中文的, 所以會看不到東西.
  13. 有輸入法嗎? 你的 php script 有抓新的嗎? 原本 v4 上頭沒處理到 registry. 所以下頭這個可能沒被刪除 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sip] "DefaultIm"="xxxxx" 如果預設指定的輸入法不存在, 開機後就會停在黑屏的畫面.
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