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  1. Hello all I have sold my omnia i8000 and have purchased an HTC HD2 & a Iphone 3gs. Both devices are wonderful but I would like to give my personal opinion as to the comparison of all three devices. The omnia 2 is by far the best! its camera is far superior... it is complete, the video call and front facing camera is there.... it has programmable buttons..... its relatively fast... not as fast as the HD2 it has good storage and expandable possibilities.... it can be over-clocked..... it has TV out and plays better DVIX movies... overall it is better... I just thought that this will make a Omnia 2 owner proud of having it! Rapid thanks for all that you have done... Be well & stay well.... Basil Daniel
  2. Hello Rapid Any idea of when we might get an update like 2016? No pressure implied, I am just looking forward to it. Warmest wishes Basil
  3. I believe that the most complete Rom is Rapids as it is the fastest most stable Rom. Note I am saying its the most stable fast rom out there. What's the use of having a fast rom that is not functional? Warmest wishes Basil
  4. Danskalos well done on the app you provided! My Omnia II is a different device as of today! I hope there will be a way off keeping the settings after a reboot in the future!! Warmest wishes Your fans from Crete & Basil Daniel
  5. Dear Rapid We are all realy thrilled by your comments. I cannot wait to see what new inovations you have implimented in such a humble device such as ours. I beleive that it wont be wrong to say that our device has shown its capabilities because of your (Rapid & Noobody's) efforts! Again well done guys. Warmest wishes Basil
  6. Thank you!! I humbly offer my greatest pleasure for what you have already offered. Stay well. Basil
  7. I personally believe that Rapid & nOObody will produce a complete update in the near future. The past has shown that this team has the goal of producing results rather than often updates with no apparent reason. What makes this Sense rom great, is that once a new rom update is available, it is tested and if it does not perform as good as the previous one, the administrators always refer to the best working solution by returning to the previous. That in itself says a lot. I cannot describe how much I and the team here in Crete, are looking forward to your update Rapid. Again well done! Warmest wishes Basil Daniel
  8. Hello Rapid & Noobody Thank you for the steady flow of updates, tweaks, constructive input and finally the great result of the work produced by both of you! (And others) Your sense Rom is by far the fastest & most stable. I believe that by cooking the message solution into your ROM, you will have the best and most stable sense ROM out there. (It is already the best but it will become even better) In order for someone to see the difference between your ROM and others out there, all that is needed is a try-out.... A guaranteed hook on will be the result. My greatest appreciation goes out to you guys! Warmest wishes Basil Daniel
  9. I installed the newer version 15 not 16 and i must say its quite a bit faster. I can recieve mms sms evything!!! Rapid it would be great if this could be incorporated into one of your roms! Warmest wishes to all Basil
  10. compared to the original sense layout I personally thingk this is absolutely horrible. There is no logick in it! the animation has gone too... and why use this when spb looks just the same but with much less ram usage. it's surely a no go... Basil
  11. Yes it is smooth. I would go as far as to say as smooth as HTC's HD2! (when you set the processor speed to full) I hope this clears you doubts. Basil
  12. I completely disagree with this... I have been using enrico's rom for everyday use till rapid released his rom. (As for any prior versions of sense roms they were not stable enough to be used for evryday use.) yes the first roms that rapid had released had AS problems but his latest 4.2 version is the most stable and fast, and is suggested for everyday use. Lets not forget that Rapids rom has everything functioning. All this in Auto processor speed! Enrico's cannot function without having the processor speed set to full. Even with these settings the interface was laggy. Officialy the fastesty and most stable sense rom out there is Rapids & nOObody's. This is not a personal opinion... simply bench-mark it. Best regards Basil
  13. Please read the posts! And do exactly as mentioned in them... Regards Basil
  14. Hello Guys I have to update all that the new HTC message cab and instructions provided on page 49 & 51 (post 961 & 1008) is absolutely great and it works fine! It has solved the mms issue completely. Sms messanging is also better now! Please read from page 49 & 51 (post 961 & 1008) in order to get instructions on how to install. nOObody's & Rapids rom is now officialy the best out there! Well done to all of you out there! Ps Rapid, if you can istall this in one of your future roms I guess it will make your work complete! Maybe you can add a link on your 3rd post too... With the greatest of respect Basil Daniel
  15. Hello Terry I am not using MMS at all as I recieve everything by email anyway. Not that ive tried at all. I am curently using mobile maps and evrytime I use this interface i get a lock in about 20 to 30 seconds max i hope this was of some help. Basil
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