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  1. I love MCR, thanks for brilliant job Paul! Any plans for upgrading base to Android 4.0.4?
  2. Thanks Paul! I think many users would appreciate to have hardware buttons remaped, so that "recent apps" would become "menu" and long press "home" would become "recent apps". It solves the problem with 3 dots displayed in non-ICS apps. This modification can be found in Virtuous ROM for One S: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/20859-rommar-24villes-seriesvirtuous-one-s-v120/
  3. Great to see you back again Paul, I just thought that O2x became one of these 'forgotten devices' ;)
  4. hello piter,nice to meet u

  5. They are both very stable. The only difference is that nightlies are updated daily, so you can get latest changes, including new features and bug fixes. Switching between nigtlies does not require wipe, so all your private data will be safe.
  6. LG support in Poland says 2.3.4 for O2X is coming in mid-August, and for LG Black in Spetember.
  7. Wishlist: - Compare ril version with baseband and automatically suggest proper ril if current doesn't match - download it OTA - install it
  8. Great to see progress here. I hope prebake will come out soon, the vanilla version would be awesome too!
  9. Anyone can post how GR1 compares to Fr19 when it comes to LG Launcher smoothness, web browsing quality and overall UI responsivenes? Thx :)
  10. Just look at 1st post: To me it looks like 2.3.4 ;)
  11. +1 That's the monst annoying thing in Froyo... BTW it's sad how fast and responsive seems launcher of new Optimus Net (with 2.3.3) compared to 2X Froyo: http://www.youtube.c...player_embedded I hope they did same to O2X launcher...
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