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  1. Actually, I had the same problem after my phone was repaired. What worked (to my suprise actually) was the following: - root with universalroot (i believe...) - install RomManager by Clockworkmod - Start Rommanager and install AmonRa recovery rom with Rommanager. - Boot into recovery and flash away
  2. toxaris

    T-mobile G2 Touch Advice needed please.

    Personally I use the RA Recovery, like that one better. I have the same phone and I use FroydVillain 1.5 (android 2.2) with the FlyKernel. Works like a charm with the same battery use for me. You can download the rom from the Villainrom site. The kernel is on the xda site. Just download the zip's and put them on the sd-card. Boot into recovery and apply zip. Reboot and enjoy. It isn't any harder than that.
  3. toxaris

    Debrand rooted G2?

    You need the SPL hack for that. See here for details. I never bothered. I don't reboot my devices that often.
  4. toxaris

    A2SD. How do I know it's working?

    Depends. If you used the pre-baked version, then A2SD is not included. You can install it manually though. I use DarkTremor App2SD (on the XDA site). That version also creates a log now...
  5. toxaris

    sense reboot in modaco r5

    I turned-off JuiceDefender and manually installed Darktremor Apps2SD and since then no more sense reboots and the phone is a lot faster. Trying this since wednesday, so still a bit early.
  6. toxaris

    sense reboot in modaco r5

    Did you only format the FAT32 partition or the complete card?
  7. I have the same problem with the restarts. At first it was only as I closed the market app, but now even when I finish a call. All the evidence seem to point to memory problems and a too active process killer killing sense. Is it possible with the build in task killer to give the sense app a higher priority? @Paul, is a new prebaked version with app2sd or app2sd+ coming soon?
  8. toxaris

    MCR 4.0 ROM Its Way!

    Source is Mark Moons, regional manager of HTC Benelux. The source article is in dutch, but if you want and try to read it: article Perhaps Google translate can make something funny of it.
  9. toxaris

    MCR 4.0 ROM Its Way!

    Funny report here. Apparently the Hero Update will be delayed for a few weeks here in Europe. This due to Google who apparently has to approve all firmwares. Since the Hero has different SKU's here in Europe and HTC wants to deliver the update to everyone at the same time, it has to be approved for all SKU's. The firmware is ready according to HTC, but waiting for Google....
  10. toxaris

    Hero Screen Rotates Only One Way

    Actually, this is an issue at Google code, issue 3431. You can vote for it here. Perhaps when there are enough votes they will change it.
  11. toxaris

    Any way to remove the operator logo

    Try searching again on the site. You have to change the splash screen. Sorry, to lazy to search for you. It's Friday. Oh well, since I am in a good mood. Read this thread.
  12. Strange, when I turn the device anti-clockwise it does become landscape but clockwise it doesn't. Since I am left-handed clockwise is more natural for me...
  13. Last week was a good week, transformed my T-Mobile G2 touch to HTC hero. I also flashed the latest Modaco rom on it. No problems and everything went smooth. I only have one small problem. If I turn my mobile while I am browsing, the browser stays in portrait instead of becoming landscape. If I remember correctly, it used to change before patching. Is this a bug, am I doing something wrong or is my memory playing tricks on me?
  14. toxaris

    small tool for goldcard code generation

    It is just a batch file and an excell sheet. Should be no problem. cid_goldcard.rar
  15. I have made a small tool and also an excel worksheet to convert the CID of an SD card to the key needed for the goldcard image generation (including the leading 00). If anyone is interested, I will upload the program. I just didn't like the fact I needed QMAT only for the string conversion... :)

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