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  1. same problem here the phone show the charging status when turned ON, but it doesn't it charges only when turned off i tested another working battery, same problem. I tried to put old and latest Acer firmware, no solved. Tried hard reset, no solved. any ideas?
  2. infact seems same as metal except 1gb of ROM and +0,20mhz clock processor
  3. my display make annoying noise when touched on the up right side, i would like to know why, maybe something is getting out
  4. ICS camera has the same bad quality of audio on video
  5. cloud mobile with 4 buttons, as you wish Acer GLOW it's quite clear for everyone that the video (as stated by its title) shows the cloud mobile and not the glow but if you are not conviced of this just wait the time they will be on market.
  6. no, in the video you are looking the acer cloud this is the acer liquid GLOW this is the acer CLOUD MOBILE this is the video that you linked do you still think that the phone on the video is the GLOW?
  7. i tested miui camera, nothing special and very few options, uninstalled i think thebest since now is lgcamera
  8. the topic is for the Acer "Liquid Glow" not the Acer "Cloud"
  9. lg camera is good but i am experiencing too many crashes with it
  10. i can't find that tweet on acer indonesia twitter http://twitter.com/#!/acerid
  11. i dont' remember the exactly steps i connected both the cards first i copied the fat32 then the EXT2 just note the space of EXT2 (or ext3 in your case) must be equal or bigger in the new card.
  12. i used mini tool partition wizar to move my 2 partitions (fat32 and Ext2) from a 8gb card to the new 16 gb one. It's free and quite easy.
  13. this is very good for a smartphone no need for battery saving
  14. it's not the same issue, because from what i read you can't even connect to the net but it keep scanning and authenticating. you should try to check if it's a wap2 issue disabling just for a test the protection of your lan or look at google forum issues, i found my fix there http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/list
  15. for 24 euro you get a 16gb transcend from amazon class10 it's very important to get at least class 6 if you want to record HD video, at least with Lgcamera Pro (for a very good AAC audio)
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