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  1. TAKE MY ADVICE DO NOT BUY THE SCH-i220 CODE, IT IS A RIP OFF. METRO HAS BOUGHT THROW AWAY GARBAGE FROM SAMSUNG AND ARE TRYING TO PASS IT ON TO IT'S CUSTOMERS!!!!. i have spent 15 days trying to get this phone to be productive. if u want to spend 350 for a fancy phone with an OLD OUT DATED OS that by the way is LOCKED buy this phone it Plays a couple of slow old games, and i do mean old. when it comes to surfing the web yes it does that but so does my 80.00 dollar phone. in if my old samsung sureshot is faster, easier, and lasts longer than this piece of sh... i have only a few minutes of actual talk time on this and i'm taking it back monday. take my advice DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PHONE WHICH YOU CAN USE AS A PC... MY OLD POCKET PC IS STAYING IN MY POCKET BECAUSE THIS JUST DOES NOT MAKE IT. MY my 2001 pocket runs more apps than this does and runs them smoother. it doesn't have gps but my old phone does. so why buy this!!!!!! any questions about what i've said or what apps will run ask me cause i have tried over 250 and about 30 actually work and most are from metro for a price and none are worth it. trust me DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE
  2. sorry this is not really related to your question, but being new i am not sure how to start a conversation. so please forgive if i am stepping on toes. i have had several quaility samsung products and until recently thought they put out good products. i just bought a samsung sch-i220 code and have had nothing but problems. i am still trying hard with this phone. i wanted it for so long, but now nothing but problems. very few programs will work with it. programs which have no problems runnig on windows as low as windows 3. also about every other time i turn this phone on the start menu totally disappears and i have to turn phone off and on 4 or 5 times before it reappears. is anyone else having these problems? just about the only thing which has been easy is making my own ring tones. wanted to run microsoft money since that is what i have had on my pocket pc for 8 years, but couldn't. found a similar program but it is primitive. even simple games are hard to run.i get message this program not meant for this device a lot. took 4 calls to samsung to sync until was finally told my firewall must be down first, which also limits use as pc needs to be disconected from net when using. guess that must be so the phone can't be used as modem. really sucks when something could be so good but greedy companies prevent it. any advice or help would be appreciated i really don't want to take this back if i can get it to at least do what my old cell would do i mean in this day and age is it too much to ask for one device you can put in your pocket, that is a phone,message,cam recorder, web surfer,book keeper and maybe a couple of games?? thanks for letting me me steam on your space. once again excuse and forgive if i am out of line, and please educate me on how to do this right. god bless and thanks
  3. hi you sound like someone who might help me.as i get this message with everything i try to install. 1. i know the windows mobile programs are different for the pocket and smart phone, my question is: would it be possible to install the pocket version into a smartphone? 2. my phones version has had the internet sharing file removed from the windows. is it possible to get that file from someone and just put it back myself? i have done this sort of thing on pc's before and it has worked. please help if you can. also do u have any links which contain programs for smartphones? i have had a pocket pc for 8 years and am now trying to adjust to not having what i what and for an old spoiled woman this is not pretty :D my smartphone is a sch-i220 (runs wm 6.1) which i don't consider to be the least bit smart... thanks
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