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  1. This has been already been discussed in several other forums, the ROM from Date : 2009-08-30 its not different from previous rom from february. The only thing it it adds new language and its believed to be WWE (world wide english). So nothing new has been added by HTC ... Actually they are waiting that someone on XDA does for them, since some of the hot fixes are tweaks already available there ... So don't expect too much form HTC, u will be desapointed ... As usual ...
  2. The new ROM's already include QuickGPS, u should try to update your rom, even to its original form HTC. Just go to their website and download. In case of not the same country go to the usual places and download any ROM u like.
  3. On Pro there ain't many reports of SOD, but in another case, the Diamond 2 is full of them. That's not normal, get exchange with warranty or try at least hard-reset it to its initial settings and see if it improves the problem.
  4. The HD is still a better device. The TP2 (check gsmarena.com) has the worst camera i have ever seen on a HTC. The HTC Pro has several issues still unresolved. Are u going to waste money and wait or a solution ? Or its better to just buy a good device by the start. I'm not unhappy with my Touch Pro, but with the money you pay for it, it could be a lot better. The GPS is / always be a serious handicap on this device. 30 seconds ? Is way too long. Grab yourself a Cruise (Polaris) and u will see why the GPS on Pro must/has to be better. Cheers ppl.
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