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  1. Applied this fix today and gotta say it is freaking awesome! Best lag fix so far. I only got 1660 quadrant score with beta3 and JM2, but it works much, much better, than RyanZA lag fix and it's much smoother. Seems quite perfect. Only that Voodoo color fix I don't like. It changes too easily the brightness of the screen on auto mode. I hope it will be fixed better on later releases.
  2. Just wanna show you, how my phone looks after 2month use. Ok, I treat my phone like a flower... :D lol! (Click to enlarge).
  3. Wow! Your phone looks quite terrible, Paul. How you thread your phone?? :D I have had my phone almost 2months (got it 24.06) and it still looks almost like a new. Yes, surely a plastic covers collects scratches, and that home button made from cheap plastic was a fail, but mine phone doesn't look that awful! :D
  4. Yes, problems are always on test roms. But how big are the problems and how much it affect for some users. So far the biggest problem on my phone is a very bad reception. At least in Finland in my network. To the speed I'm not still happy. But overall this feels good. Couple more roms and I think it's really considerable for a everyday use (even though, I'm already using this as everyday use).
  5. Awesome function in this rom. You can take screenshots without any app. :( Just press the arrow+home (still pressing arrow when you press home) and it takes the shot. :(
  6. Yes. Always after flash you need to root again, if you want it to be rooted.
  7. I have been using it sense the release moment. I have had no lag.
  8. Well, I have to disagree. I haven't had any lag with this fw. I love this! :(
  9. I noticed, that the notification bar icons has been changed a bit. In the silent icon is not that red line on the speaker anymore, now it's white. The battery status does not change color anymore and the politic of showing the status has been changed... before it changed the first step in about 90%, now it changes in 80%.
  10. Yeah, I actually like it a lot. I trust it more, than those third party taskkillers... I have never like them so much. That samsung taskkiller widget is actually really handy and not so ugly, than many of Samsung widgets are...
  11. Sooo.....After I had everything done with JM1, now I decided to Flash this JM2. :( Feels little snappier, than JM1 and JG5 was. Downloading from Market is faster, not much lag anymore. Gps is better, tho I haven't much tested yet..
  12. Some people are reporting this to be slower, than JG5, some people that it`s faster... Hmmm... what is the truth and is it worth upgrading...?
  13. Did you buy a new one, or is it that easy there where you live??? You just go to your carrier and ask a new phone, cause YOU brick it?? Just curious, cause it`s not so simple in Finland...
  14. And if odin doesnt recognise your phone, you can just plug off and plug in again the usb cable. Do this always when something goes wrong and you have to start again.
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