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  1. is it possible to implement 720p 30fps recording in MCR? I heard some custom roms enabled 30 fps movie recording... :unsure:
  2. pina

    The Moron Test

    really cool and funny game!
  3. it's a common issue among desire-users
  4. pina

    Improve SD speed.

    is it safe to flash this kernel with modaco R9?
  5. So I assume its a risk free operation since its only jailbroken when the desire is connected? And when not connected, my ps3 is just a normal one?
  6. I'm wondering, you do have to plug in the desire each time if you want to jailbreak it, right? Or is it a one-time only process?
  7. if you're using rom manager, you can switch roms really fast
  8. have you been kept hostage the last 3 days in some cave in afghanistan? Even the forum is full of 2.2-update(problems). How for gods sake did you think you were the first getting official froyo update???
  9. Thought to share this with you people, took it from XDA: According to Mark Moons, HTC Director Benelux, people in the Netherlands will get a notification for the froyo update. http://twitter.com/markmoons/status/19740279050 Veel (o.a.) Tweakers kijken uit naar 2.2 met extra aandacht voor een specifieke feature.... maar 1 belangrijke wordt niet genoemd! rara... translation: many (among others) Tweakers (dutch tech website) are looking forward to 2.2 with extra attention to a specific function (from replies on tweakers.net i deduce the a2sd function).....but 1 important one is not mentioned! who can guess it... http://tweakers.net/nieuws/68840/htc-updat...-deze-week.html
  10. I just don't understand. First, I had SenseHero running on my Hero. Now, after a few months, I tried to install the MCR on it. But always got a bootloop. I tried to wipe everything, repartition and format the sd card, installed but nothing works. Tried to install another SenseHero rom, the latest and got stuck at the HTC-logo at startup. Finally, I installed a both rooten and unrooted stock rom from the Hero and suddenly it works... So why does the custom roms not work?
  11. already repartitioned before, doesnt work... could it be a kernel issue?
  12. tried to upgrade but got a constant bootloop at the white screen. Already wiped everything before flashing, used a default MCR, used one from the kitchen with AND withour radio image. tried to repartition and format everything, then wiped, then flashed,... none of them works. Any suggestions here to help me?
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