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  1. Mine takes about 2 seconds to wake up to its lock screen also. Baseband version: I9100XXKDJ Kernel version: Build number: GINGERBREAD.XWKE1
  2. Thanks. I've noticed something different now. I've Enabled Assist-GPS However, now it is asking me for "Address Server A-GPS" Currently, in there is ":7275" I take that to be a port and not the address. I've tried looking up some info and there's mention of test.agps.com:7275 however there's mention of agps.com not working or expired. This only came up for me because of the ji1 csc. what is everyone else inputting here?
  3. Connected Home (DMC) DLNA app is great when it works. I had the original ROM on my i8000 and DMC worked fine. It took me a while to figure out how to set up the desktop computer to stream the media. Like yourself - TVersity ended up on my desktop and it works great. However, once I upgraded i8000 ROM to JD1 and now JH2 I have not been able to get Connected Home working :rolleyes: My current situation is that Connected Home will start and then it exits by itself within about 1 second. It appears there aren't that many people who use their phones for this feature. There's very few responses when I ask for help in this regard. That's why there's very few responses here to say "yes, connected home is great - though I don't think they upgraded anything"
  4. Disabling the Samsung dialer (I didn't test this myself yet) * Open any registry editor, go to HKLM\Security\Phone\Skin change Enabled > 1 to 0 * Warning: This disable video call and MMS * Can save 10MB Program Memory and also speed up searching through contacts & sent SMS. * Can be done with SKtools too: TuneUp/Phone Edition/OEM Dialer skin Taken from "Omnia2: Tweaks, Flash Guide, Sugggested Programs FAQ", it's a pinned topic. Personally, I have since moved to newer roms (jh2) and I think it is very similar to some jg ones. My current rom I choose most apps to install and remove. I had to add in "Samsung Dialer" and "Samsung Call Log". If you have this in your "Settings" - "Remove Program" then obviously, that's a better way to do it.
  5. Is there any way to make this window not pop up every time it establishes a connection? I set my GPRS connection to disconnect after 2 minutes of inactivity - to save battery power. I have about 5 email accounts set up, all of which are set to fetch email every 4 hours. Unfortunately, each of the 5 emails wait in turn - they don't all check email at say 00:00 hours then 04:00 hours then 08:00 hours etc. So each email account will establish a separate GPRS connection. I just find it annoying when I'm sometimes using the phone - and the "Connecting to internet" window pops up. Asking to "Close" or "Hide". Is there a way for it to just connect without informing me? It seems to just start the connection anyway - so it isn't like I really have a choice to stop it....before it connects. I've tried looking for settings in SKTOOLS and it doesn't seem to have anything for this. Hoping someone can shed some light on this. Thanks.
  6. I have the same problem. Samsung keyboard sometimes will allow me to activate xt9 - other times, not. My issue is not only limited to Opera Mobile 10. I recall having this issue with other programs also, like fring or Nimbuzz. I think it is more important to have xt9 predictive text working for those "instant messaging" programs; as compared to a web browser. Personally, I noticed the xt9 not working in Opera, and I didn't care so much because urls aren't typically "dictionary" type words. I never found a fix for it. I found an alternative - I use swype keyboard. Use sktools to set swype as my default keyboard. Especially useful in the chat programs. Note: I use twu2's jd1 rom
  7. Taken from a sticky thread for Omnia i8000 - about tweaks etc. Landscape Screen * To be able to manually rotate the screen in any application: go to registry hk_local machine – system – gdi – rotation; in key HideOrientationUi change 1 to 0. Then open Settings – Personal – Buttons and assign to any button the command “Rotate Screen” (you can see this option after you change the registry and only in winmo setting page) (working well for me, I prefer to be able to choose when I want to view something in landscape mode than relaying on how I rotate my phone…) * If you want to disable the auto rotate function available for some applications: just go to \windows\startup\ and delete the autorotation.lnk and soft reset * To enable autorotate in any application, you can check this thread * To add manually in the registry which application to autorotate: Go to hklm\Software\Autorotation (I noticed here you can also find the registry to disable autoration: disable = 1) create a string value named 6 if the previous one was 5 (and so on) in the value put your application name (the name displayed in the taskbar) increment the value of the dword Count accordingly. soft reset.
  8. Thanks darkside80! I removed auto_update_weather from my windows startup because I think it eats too much battery. Sometimes my gprs connection won't disconnect after 2 minutes (my preset time) and my battery just doesn't last as long when that happens. I changed CHeroClock's SK2URL to point to WeatherUpdate.mscr I added in connect("The Internet") into WeatherUpdate.mscr - before the test of If(InternetConnected("http://google.com/m")) Now it connects to the internet if a connection is not already present. Obviously - with no internet connection, it always invokes gprs connection.
  9. Great Skin gchris7 - thought it was quite memory & battery hungry at first. Then I disabled SysVars from autostarting and things run semi okay. Obviously - my system bar became static, so I removed it. Thanks for all those helpful hints along the way to fix up alignment issues. For those interested - edit: \Program Files\CHeroClock\theme\[whichever_theme_you_use]\SPlugins_480x800.cpr - for changing "top" values so that expanded CClock and CHeroClock are still visible. \Program Files\JMLPanex\JMLPanex.ini - varied the CManilamenu_480x800= value to get the application icons clickable again. One thing I hated was for the expanded CClock (clock) and CHeroClock (Weather), by pressing in the same "zone" it will have a default "action". Using CHomeEditor - I've managed to remove the "ACTIONURL" of CHeroClock - Page2 so that nothing happens for the expanded "Weather". I can't figure out how to remove the default action for the expanded "Clock" though!!! ??? 1. Can someone help with this? I just want it to do nothing when I (accidentally) click in the clock area. 2. Can someone point me to the file I can link to that will take me to the connection (wireless) manager? ie. a quick link to enable/disable phone, bluetooth, wifi
  10. I can't remember installing chomeditor - and I have it installed though. \My Storage\Program Files\CHome Editor\CHomeEditor.exe Using this - I disabled JMLLauncher. This will get rid of the contacts line. I also got rid of the "system" line because "\Windows\Startup\SysVars.lnk" eats up too much battery life.
  11. Can someone kindly share this file? I just tried the welcome.exe inside /windows but that is just the touch calibration :lol:
  12. Mine works at home with and without password protection. Can't comprehend why you wouldn't be able to access net on unprotected wifi. I doubt it will be IP settings - if it works at home for you, with encryption - then IP addresses work. Assuming same IPs are being used, then having encryption off should work also. Have you tried at a friend's place with encryption? You may have manually set some settings to only work with a particular network/profile.
  13. I don't know what Android Lock screen is like - maybe it's just like throttlelock ... however ... I tried it out, Throttlelock 0.8 - had to disable s2u2 first, of course. Installed with default themes and some custom ones - Hero SenseUI looks and works great. Set Throttlelock Slide-to-Answer on, and to "Lock" on incoming calls ... so that I would need to slide-to-answer or ignore. Also set Lock to disable ALL hardware buttons. On incoming calls, the power (hang-up) button hangs up the call. A bit touch and go here, because there could be accidental presses whilst reaching in the pocket. I have a long-press on "cube" button to bring up task-manager. Long Pressing the cube is allowed and brings up task-manager. Could not uninstall Throttlelock the conventional way (through settings/remove programs) it just kept hanging. I use twu2's jd1 rom. WM 6.5.3 I went back to s2u2 mainly because of the power hardware button issue. Had to manually delete the Throttlelock directory from "Program Files" and remove the Start Menu icons. However, the registry entries are still in there as well as the option to remove "Alfonso Presa ThrottleLock" from Settings/"Remove Programs".
  14. Try downloading from another one of those "multi" upload sites. The error above sounds like rapidshare. I just successfully downloaded the Smart Sync app from megaupload. Just scroll down to see all the other links.
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