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    Bricked Tab ?

    ok i have galaxy tab. i can flash with odin and heimdall. but when i flash the rom it stucks at Galaxy Tab screen. i searched everything and i found the problem that there is no recovery image. how can i flash recovery image with odin or heimdall ? ADB PUSH doesnt work. Kies doesnt work Tried Modaco Kernel GET FAIL MESSAGE Tried With Hemidall STUCK AT %100 Tried ODIN FLASH Stuck At Galaxy Tab and adb devices resutl : Recovery adb shell result - exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory (2) - Any solution offer ?
  2. dj4u

    Did i brick my hero ? PLS HELP ME :(

    i have gsm hero i have turkish turkcell gsm on it there were original hero rom on it he told me that he installed spl - radio and spl again he was trying to install modaco rom that is all i press one time end key red light off and then ons but i tried to enter bootloader fastboot it turns off then waits for a few minute than re-lights. thats all
  3. Guys i have a good smart hero. yesterday i gave it to my bro. he tried to update rom. now i take it on my hand but it doesnt open no recovery no fastboot no other thing. no hero logo no htc screen when i connect the usb there is only red light on it. when i press power it off but after 10 seconds red light turns on again. i only heard one time vibration noise but i was taking off the batery. guys please help me what can i do now

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