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  1. Hi fellas,help needed.My email shows one mail unread even when i have definitely read all.Even deleted all emails but still shows one unread.Any ideas?
  2. think you'll find you're bout the only one with these problems.rather than moan bout it,perhaps you should keep reading and figure out your phone first.been flashing just bout everyone of his roms and never had any major probs.even if there was a slight glitch,OCK is on hand few days after roms is released and will rectify the prob.try this,always hard reset your phone twice after flashing,it always works for me.cheers...
  3. OCK,excellent work once again,will be flashing this asap.May i just ask,your avatar looks sweet.New work?Got that hint that you might do a "black" one so just wondering.Anyhow,your roms will be sorely missed.Very grateful for all your work
  4. Guessed as much.Actually am on Ock's gtx but thought i "refresh" it as well.Was unsure bout the launcher hence.Cheers though buddy,much appreciated.Will d/l and flash now
  5. hi guys.Is it possible to disable quick launch bar on home tab(gtx refreshed)?need my phone.ex plugin instead.cheers...
  6. Not necessary i think.Advisable to do it after flashing as mentioned above
  7. That's cos its in your storage.Would strongly recommend hard resetting after flashing anyways,clear memory,1234,ok.Ive always hard reset 2 to 3 after flashing to avoid any problems and its works just fine
  8. Can anyone kindly post the full screen weather icons of this rom?Recently switched to ock's rom and very much prefer Ryrzy's weather icons.Cheers
  9. No worries.Phone speaker would be Handset,first option as stated.I normally increase all volumes on handset,headset but of cos never over doing it.Even ringtones,alarm are much louder.Gotta thank Ock for including this in the rom.Previously had to type numbers from samsung keyboard just to gain access.
  10. Soundtester is to boost your volume.Here is how it works: How to change the loudspeaker volume for ringtones, movies, mp3s etc Click menu, normal then handset (the first one, Phones headset/loudspeaker) Here you can change: Speaker volume: SPK(02) -db is less volume, I have set this to -1.5db (level) Digital-to-analog: DAC(0C) This effects the overall volume of Mp3s, movies etc -both headset and loud speaker. I have set this to 0db. Radio Volume: RVOL How to change the headset / earphones volume. Click menu, normal then headset (the second one, Headphones) Here you can change: Headphones volume: HP(02) -db is less volume +db is more volume, I have set this to 0db (level) Digital-to-analog: DAC(0C) This effects the overall volume of Mp3s, movies etc. I have set this to 0db. Radio Volume: RVOL *You must click menu / apply for changes to take effect, *I recommend play a Mp3 launch the app, then apply the changes and set your prefered max volume. *Setting high levels could damage the loud speaker or your headphones, not to mention your hearing!.
  11. Hey guys,been trying to change lockscreen wallpaper but cant seem to find png file.Any ideas?Just lockscreen not home page etc.Cheers
  12. Once again,excellent work,really flawless imo.Like the way ya keep things simple yet effective.Lovin it
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