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  1. Erikcas... how do I get to logcat? Should I install something? Update: My problem seems related to an app called Call Master from Fahrbot Once it gets root privileges from Superuser my connection is cut off... I have to remove it from superuser list and after a reboot i get my connection back I have another issue... do not know if related to call master... My phone goes to sleep and cannot wake up! I've to remove the battery
  2. Update: there seems to be problems with data module... my phone data connection starts but crashes and I cannot connect anymore to market or other website
  3. Had some little problems this morning but...here I am! I can confirm newest patch from Erikcas works! here's the filesu (1).zip
  4. Installed cyanogen! I'm also experiencing SU problems (Superuser do not answer) and some appz are not getting root access... If I can be useful as beta tester let me know!
  5. Hi! I am running froyo beta 3... Someone could please tell me how to upgrade to Cyanogen? I can delete the froyo partition using minitool... but want to be sure that my windows mobile setup would be safe! thanks!
  6. Hi erikcas! I had a lot of androdi process problems so I did install again from scratch... everything is running fine! Had no problems since 2 days. I notice although high battery drain... Anyway turning off 3G improves a lot the situation Just a little request... would it be possible to set the italian keyboard? I miss some buttons like " (alt+") doesnt'work, it returns "home" about (alt+down arrow)... it's the button at right of ? thanks!
  7. Installed the new rev testing it! By now I'm getting a lot of problems with processocom.google.process.gaps any hint or request?
  8. Hello! Back home for the weekend! I tried to reinstall beta 3 and even if I deleted all the beta 3 files from "my memory" when I run again androidinstall.exe I find that android still holds the appz I installed! So I can confirm that running androidinstall does not format the android partition! How can I install from scratch?
  9. Thanks for the advice... I ran again the installer (androidinstall.exe) and I ended up with another android with the same appz installed I thought I could have a fresh install but it seems that the installer doesn't format the ext partition when I try to uninstall an appz it says "uninstall successful" but after it tries to refresh appz list and loops forcing me to remove the batteryor use the W&L button. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but the app (skype) do not show up in the app panel how can I format the android partition?
  10. Hi! I installed beta 3 and works quite well... I still have to install the latest patch but I could not be able to do it until the weekend I noticed a strange thing... was using it... put it in my pocket and when i did get it back some appz where missing! If I tap on the app button I miss some appz like skype, vyber, opera and so on... the market tells me I've them installed and updated ma they are not on the appz screen Beside that... If I tap on "browser" and enter a website... it asks me to open it with stock brower or opera! So opera is still present! Is there a way to fix it or install everything back without touching the partitions? I mean since I've installed some appz in Windows Mobile in my sd card I fear that the Windows mobile environment (sd card) could be damaged Any idea?
  11. Thanks to Centodue and Erikcas! Finally I got my b7610 back from samsung support (touch panel broken and they said a keyboard problem) I installed beta 3 with kernel 75 patch It seems to work perfectly except for keyboard mapping any other italian user has problem with keyboard? thanks!
  12. Centodue may you shortly write a tutorial on how to do a fresh beta 3 install? Centodue potresti scrivere un breve tutorial su come installare da zero questa beta 3? grazie!
  13. You are GREAT! You are the only reason that stops me throwing my b7610 into the garbage bin! :D
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