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  1. http://www.444android.com/showthread.php?t=775 detailed explanation
  2. http://www.444android.com/showthread.php?684-%2A%2A%2A-Stock-ics-de-s-off-olma-i%C5%9Flemi-%28-Juopunutbear-%29-1-27-Hboot-S-OFF-i%C5%9Flemi-%2A%2A%2A This is our forum. This process is very detailed written. written in English very soon.
  3. the phone was not repaired. by our htc, was given a new phone. Thank htc thanks to everyone
  4. hi my hboot 1.20.0000. and phone is s-on. what do I have to s-off. "s-on," I did the wrong procedure. I can not be re s-off bootloader : unlock (htc dev) version 1.45.468.1 orjinal turkey ruu root there radio :11.59.xxxxxxx P58IMG.zip : not install thank you
  5. If you tell me the details. please
  6. HTCDEV.COM s-off Error Code: Invalid Bootloader Token Length. Error Reason: The submitted Token appears to be the wrong length and won\'t work. again doesn''t s-off cmd in the last transaction message C:\ANDROİD>fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin error: cannot load 'Unlock_code.bin'
  7. i dont understand , ???explain that a little
  8. i was using my phone since 4 months why s-off and root and there are no problems. just 2 days before i rooted one of the ics roms and got an error message and phone went ofline so i made a restorewhit cwm and phone came back online. after this steps i did supercid and s-on to my phone. now telephone works correctly but i cant get any updates or even i cant make my phone s-off again because of it says hboot version is older than 1.20.xxxxxx short for long about phone - its working - no problem whit general usage - i cant do s-off - cant get any updates - sometimes when i open close actions it opens whit bootloader. question ? how can i get my hboot to 1.17xxxx or 1.18.xxx again please help me türkçe olarakta yazdımki belki bizden bilen birileride olabilir. ve cevaplar belki. telefonu 4 aydır s-off ve root ile kullanıyordum. sorun yoktu. 2 gün önce, ics rom yüklerken hata mesajı aldım. telefon açılmadı. bende cwm ile restore yaptım. telefon açıldı. daha sonra da süpercid ve s-on yaptım. şu an da telefon çalışıyor fakat,güncelleme alamıyor, s-off yapılamıyor. sebep: hboot 1.20.0000 older version telefonun son durumu - çalışıyor - genel kullanımda hiç bir sorun yok gibi - s-off olmuyor - güncelleme almıyor - bazen kapat-aç yapınca bootloader ile açılıyor. soru : hboot tekrar nasıl 1.17.xxxx veya 1.18.xxxx yapılabilir.
  9. Hi congratulations. a rom is very fast and beautiful. but, fm radio does not work. How to overcome this problem? thanks edit: google translate :)
  10. beatiful rom but video record problem. video record time 10s . after telephone automatic restart
  11. 1- krazzy radd s9 g lite rom wm 6,1 2- pdhee 23686.5.3.8 extra lite or iphone style rom wm 6,5 3- obi one radd gloss black rom wm 6,5 4- joe the ripper neo titanium rom wm 6,5 5- steff 21683 rom wm 6,5
  12. rom installing, automatically update time? the question mark manually. clock shows the correct
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