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  1. Hello, Sorry i haven't been around lately but ive been busy. Most of the issues are already answered on previous pages. There is a second contact application installed that u can use. Its something like the one you want. Read this: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/301662/...0/#entry1257686
  2. Read this, its a similar issue where i explain what u need to do. http://www.modaco.com/content-page/301662/...0/#entry1235667 Are you having any specific problem that maybe i can help? Whats not completed? I think 1.3.1 is a pretty stable version. If there are any bugs or unfinished things left, its mostly related to the plugins and since im not the developer of the plugins (I skinned them) i cannot do much.
  3. Your cpr file has probably become "read only" for some reason. Change it back. Do you have the sysvar.lnk on your startup folder?
  4. Its not possible with that plugin, but my skin includes one more plugin for contacts which is disabled by default. Its called ATContacts, you can enable it with chome editor and disable the current contact plugin (JMLLauncher). Note that you can only have one contact per page one this one though... Strange, maybe they changed the value that allows u to display battery level on D3. Its working fne on my D1 rom. Do u have sysvar.lnk on your startup folder? Is ram and rom updating properly or are those frozen aswell?
  5. Im afraid not. Are you talking about the left softkey? With a reg editor, go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Chome , scroll down untill u find the keys SK1TEXT and SK1URL and change them accordingly
  6. Its not a bug, thats how it is. You will have to adjust a file. I ve explained several times how to do that. Should be 2-3 pages back. I dont know why this happens to u...
  7. The only problem with chinise is with the font in some plugins. This can be fixed with the the cpr file i've attached on first post (hints and tips). You should not have any other problems. I haven't figured out a way to do that. Im not sure if its possible.
  8. Widgetplus is indeed super smooth, although memory management is still not so good. Picture viewer is also alot smoother than before and at last they implemented a folder filter feature. This by far the best rom from samsung...
  9. You need to edit JMLPanex.ini, not the .cpr First of all you need to know the resolution of your phone. Then go to the folder "Program Files\JMLPanex" and open with notepad the file JMLPanex.ini. Inside that file you can see the position of the button in your screen for the apps plugin(Cmanilamenu) and the contacts plugin(JMLLauncher). For example, for a wvga phone the position of the button for contacts is JMLLaunher_480x800=515. The number 515 represents Height (width is always correct), so it can be between 1 and 800. Now if you wan to move that button up in your screen you will have to lower that number (Ex. 400). Play with that number a bit untill you find your perfect position...
  10. You need to edit splugin_480x800.cpr not Titanium_480x800.cpr. If you did edit the splugin cpr then your probably didn't follow that guide correctly. Start reading. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...creen-titanium/
  11. I've noticed that too and not only in call screen but all alarm screens. I think that it might be a problem with the lockscreen with the latest roms (b1 and later), because even with a hard reset or even new rom flash and without installing my lockscreen, that problem is still there for me. Anyway i gave up on default lockscreen. It uses 10mb+ ram, its slow, it lags and it barely has any other features other than clock and next appointment. S2U2 is the way to go. Alot less ram (~3mb) alot more customization alot faster...
  12. You need to edit the cpr. Adding HorizontalAlignment="Center" and width="480" will do the job. I cant explain all that here, there are alot of guides on how to edit cpr files.
  13. JMLLauncher.rar -It shows appointments for 2 days not just one. Im not sure if there is a way to increase that number, maybe through registry might be possible but its most likely hardcoded. -Not sure if there is a panel that does that directly. What i do, is sync my contacts and calendar with windows outlook and that does the job. Outlook sees birthdays in your contacts and adds them to the calendar. :(
  14. The default is probably the worse out there considering ram usage. Needs about 10mb... I think s2u2 is the way to go. Needs about 3mb, its super fast and super customizable.
  15. If you use the old bronzeres.dll you will get all the old icons back including the icons for notifications. You wont have any performance issues but you will have to readjust height and width for those icons in the cpr. (You can use v1.2.1 for that)
  16. Hey, sorry for the delay. Note that the alarm icon is inside the bronzeres.dll. Not sure which font Arabic language uses. If you find out i can make a new splugins for you.
  17. No you cant. There is an alternative contacts plugin installed(but disabled) in my skin that you can enable if you like with chome editor. Its called AtFavorite People and it brings a menu when you press on a contact, but you can only see one contact per page...
  18. Try creating your email account first and then install the skin. Well those png's should be there. Maybe something went wrong with the installation or you did something after...?
  19. That sounds good, but i don't think anyone can help you with that here. You should ask at Mort's forum or at his xda developers thread...
  20. Go to regional settings and change time separator from . to : Most if not all of those icons are in the windows folder. Its easier and faster to use an icon pack though. You can download the ones i use from first page.
  21. Edit the cpr that is in the theme folder : program files\cheroclock\theme\ It has been discussed before. Weather forecast comes from accuweather.com Go here and find your city :http://www.accuweather.com/world-index.asp You will probably get 2 or 3 different forecasts for your city. Once you find it and click on it, you will get your city code in the link on the navagation bar. For larisa the link is : www.accuweather.com/world-index-forecast.asp?partner=accuweather&traveler=0&loccode=EUR|GR|GR000|LARISA The code for your mobile is the one in red. Go to weather options and select input manually...
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