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  1. Just to update anyone who's interested, I have won my dispute on paypal and got my money back. I'd like to say that the only reason I went for them the first time was because they seemed to be endorsed by the modaco community. Now I know better that to blindy trust a website. Not that I am saying its modaco's fault, Im just saying, look into whatever you purchase before spending the moneyz.
  2. I feel like people only partialy read the first post. He said he was in Italy, hence he had to disable data on his phone to avoid the astronomical cost of roaming abroad. It's not a matter of not having an adequate data plans. Plus, again he is in a hotel that only provides wired internet connexion, and I can hardly picture anyone carrying around a wireless router when they travel. So again, nothing to to with the OP's problem
  3. I am right with you on this, and in no way was I defending the OP of this thead. His request was indeed selfish in some way and moreover lacking any research (going on paul's twitter would have answered his question) My comment was more of a general obervasion of what I came across on the forum, with add-free members a lot of the time concidering themselves more worthy than normal, non paying members.
  4. I second that, I didn't get the Nexus one because it is only available on £35 - upwards plans on vodafone in the UK, and is about £100 pounds more on ebay, eventhough they are basically the same phone. As a sidenote, I would just like to point out my dislike for the pretencious twats (excuses my language) that basically think that if we don't have a subscription account we're not entitled to an opinion and taht we are pretty much stealing paul's work.
  5. I had the exact same problem with the HTC hero and mini usb cables, only the HTC cable worked for data transfer. I am yet to try generic cable for the desire
  6. When was that though? Cause at the minute, it seems as though no one is actually on the other end, like the owner left. Nobody answers on their forums, the live chat is offline, they dont reply to emails or even paypal dipsutes.
  7. Just escalated my dispute on paypal, I am hoping to get my money back now. I recommend anyone who got "scammed" by them to do the same, as if the seller has multiple dipsutes against him, it will be easier for use to win the claim.
  8. We've known this for a long time, the desire does have the necessary harware for 720p recording. We however do not have it because HTC never implanted it software wise. With the EVO 4G coming with HD recording, we may expect either an update from HTC or a port of HD recording to the Desire. None of this is offcial, it is all speculation at the moment but what we are sure of is that the HTC Desire is indeed HD capable.
  9. You my friend, need to learn how to use the edit button. It is my understanding that multi-posting is againts the rules? Anyways, flashing the radio has always been that way: You flash the zip, the phone reboots and finishes the installation upon reboot. As a precaution, do a nandroid bakcup then wipe before flashing a new rom.
  10. As found on the incredible phone specs: Don't know wether this is accurate however.
  11. The incredible seems to be coming with 720p recording and is shipping with 2.1 I believe .. so we might see it soon as an HTC update for the desire (haha yea I know how silly "htc" and "update" in the same sentence sounds)
  12. It is quite possible that step one did not work properly, because your goldcard was not created properly, that is what happened to me. If you card is parted (fat32 partition + ext3) then your goldcard will not work.
  13. This is kind of old news, I remmember reading about google intentions of doing that with future releases a comple months back
  14. I made the mistake of paying the 15€ for an unlock code for my Desire. After reading all of your messages i can see that i will not get my code. I opened a dispute on paypal to get my money back, that's outa make him react. I since got my code under 5 minutes via http://htcsimunlock.com I recomend you use them! The guy from HTCCODE seems to be gone, he is not answering on the forums, nore is he answering emails.
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