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  1. Maybe here but on other forums you have more people. For French speaking people acer-club.fr and FrAndroid.fr have active section for this phone and you have some rom over there. Mostly port from other phones. Kernel development is difficult as the sources are difficult to exploit.
  2. paugustin

    Errors during CM10.1 build

    I can't help you but Vache and davidevinavil both tried to build CM10.1. They have been unable to make it work so far and they are quite experienced with this, Vache probably being the most prolific dev on Acer devices :D That's why they both focused on CM10 so far. I guess their biggest issue was that although they could compile a ROM, it would boot but without display...
  3. According to a message posted by Acer it should take a couple of weeks for the update to roll out.
  4. paugustin

    Recommendations for a dual sim phone.

    I can highly recommand the Acer Liquid E2. It sells in Europe for 199€ (no contract) is 4.5" with qHD resolution. It has a quad core 1.2Ghz cpu (Mediatek) 4Gb of storage and 1Gb of memory and is dual-SIM. It is compatible with all the networks and speeds up to 42Mbps. I own one and bought one for my wife as she liked it very much. It's really a great phone for a low price.
  5. I have written several tutorials on French on www.acer-club.fr, they are on the exact same topic :-) We would need to get those translated to english. Having a dedicated forum would surely help. Is there a place where we can ask to get it ?
  6. Hi I've got this one too. It's a great device and it will get better in a very short time when Acer releases an update to allow full usage of the external SD cart for the apps. We already have root, CWM and custom ROM are close too.
  7. paugustin

    MediaTek MT6589T (turbo) phones start to appear in volume

    You have the Acer Liquid E2 that ships with a MT6589 for 199€ and the Acer Liquis S1 will ship by the end of August with a MT6589T for 300-349€ :-)
  8. paugustin

    [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    V3 boots for me :)
  9. paugustin

    Are there any locked Acer tablets?

    I don't have one but I posted over at xda-developer to see if anybody there could try your method. They have good devs that managed to root the tablet (and it was difficult) and they might be able to adapt your method if needed. Thanks for the effort you put into this :-) you should get along with devs like Vache, Shreps and davidevinavil. They are working on the kernel to make CyanogenMod run on the cloudmobile :)
  10. paugustin

    Are there any locked Acer tablets?

    the B1-A71, mediatek based has a locked bootloader. AFAIK it has not been unlocked.
  11. paugustin

    Possible ways to unlock 8260a-1

    I don't own locked cloudmobile but what you did is awesome man!
  12. Cool indeed! Thanks for your effort :-)
  13. OK that means that you can create update.zip files on your own and put whatever rom you want inside (given the rom has been compiled for the device of course)? You can flash it from stock recovery?
  14. Unlock your bootloader.
  15. paugustin

    is this a good buy?

    Well then you should be happy with the Glow but don't expect any new ROM for it neither from Acer nor from the community. That said, it runs fine the way it is :)

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